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    New to playing priest; any help?

    So I recently made a priest and I want to start lvling it up soon, once im done with my shammy..
    I've never played either class before so I wanted to ask some questions regarding priests..

    q1: Is discipline the congenial spec to lvl a priest up? faster queues=faster progress?
    q2: How viable are shadow priests for damage? are a versatile class, how good are they on charts compared to pure dps classes like mages?
    q3: What is main diff b/w holy and disc? Is it just the fact that disc priests mitigate damage with shields and stuff? If so, then disc priests are good tank healers while holy priests can...heal anything...! Then why are disc priests more optimal and seen more often especially since MoP?

    And I need your honest opinion: Disc Priests vs. Resto Shammys vs. Resto Droods.. who is the best in terms of single target healing output as well as aoe healing?

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    Leveling up as disc/holy is faster yes. I leveled as holy and using ONLY Smite I topped dps and hps (level 45 talent From Darkness Comes Light does wonders). Shadow early dmg is low so no point playing it early. after 60ish (?) you can switch to shadow.

    Spriest AOE is fine but single target is too weak if compared to mages/locks. Every mage/lock at the same ilvl will outdps Spriest. by alot.

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    The thing with disc priests is that we have atonement healing. While spamming smite and holy fire on the boss, we also heal the members in the raid/group. In low level disc priests are very powerful. The shield is strong, the healing is strong and you don't have to worry about mana.
    While holy is better in aoe disc is better in single-target healing, but at lower levels it's very easy to cast a few aoe heals as disc and save the day anyway.

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    Im currently levelling a priest and I've spent way more time as disc than shadow, its just so strong especially with heirlooms, dot a group of mobs, shield, throw a few smites and penance (which is an awesome spell) and you're golden.

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    go disc for levelling until wolk time pvp early lvls your unkillable 1v1 and about shadow the dps is terrible until u get into 502 gear at max lvl then its not to bad, not a patch on mage or lock dps in same gear though.

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    Disc is good for leveling but so is shadow & the kit is mostly the same, take them both and have fun.

    Yea Disc is good at Tank and can use Spirit Shell as a massive raid save. Holy is the multi toolkit that is better at raid healing, they both share core spells which is what priests are good at, so many tools.

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