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    quick solo heal question

    heya priest forums! just throwing in a quick thought that was on my mind.

    my wife and i are going to do 25 man valithria tomorrow night (going as blood DK and Spriest) we have been thinking if it would be easier to just make her 2nd spec Holy or Disc and use her LFR T15 shadow gear to heal Valithria, but here comes the question.

    on both heroic and normal mode, valithria has 36 million health (to which you need to heal 18 million) how quick would it take to heal that roughly using shadow gear and how many dream portals would it take? same question again but for heroic mode (shameless attempt on getting shadowfrost shards quicker =P) would it take the same time as normal mode or would it take significantly longer to do?

    cheers for any replies on the matter =)

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    Shadow gear can basically be used for disc anyway. so it won't take long at all. If she goes holy, she can pop Divine hymn at first, guardian spirit then spam 2 flash heals, 2 greater heals, flash heals etc, she shouldn't need to go into portals.

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    Even without portals, and even doing only 50K HPS, that'd take 360 seconds (6 minutes) to heal up 18 million health. I feel like it's safe to assume that she can do a lot more healing than that, but the core point is that you can pretty well figure on it taking about 5 minutes even if you ignore mechanics, unless I've badly misunderstood something.

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    Cheers for the replies did it last night in 5:36. Tried on heroic at first but there was just too much damage being thrown around and nearly all of the orbs were bugging and not being consumed (also it was my wife's first time healing, period.) so we swapped to normal 25 and did it then (orbs bugging out again which made regen annoying) cheers again

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    should only take you 2-3 mins to heal her up on heroic 25 i solo it every week as a healer and our fastest was 1.2mins but im a good healer (main shadow)

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