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    how much gold does it take to level up jewlcrafting + enchanting?

    how much gold does it take to level up jewlcrafting + enchanting?

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    Depends on your server. Anywhere from 30-50k when I did it.

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    Depends highly on the server, and on what kind of work you are willing/able to put in yourself.

    If you've got a miner and tailor then you can get materials for both professions with much more ease. If you have to buy everything then the price of doing to professions goes up tenfold. If you are on a lower populated realm the materials might not be there at all.

    There used to be decent calculators to do the math for you but they've all gone belly up or are highly outdated. Best thing you can do now is get a good profession guide and look up the material prices on your server (either in game or through Undermine Journal).

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    Get a leveling guide and cost it. You cnat tell without tic what alturic said about server and xskarma said about providing your own mats.
    Alternatively ask if people are selling profession packs with all the mats you need.

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    What xskarma said. It depends on so many factors. i paid like 20K

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    I would never buy everything from the AH, just buy the cheap stuff, and farm the rest yourself that doesnt take ages to farm. It takes more time to gain your money back, then it will cost you those last few mats. Combine it with raiding with leashes I and II to get Vanilla, BC and WotLK mats. Also, always look up if it aint cheaper to shatter a crystal then to blindly buy all dust.

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    I recently leveled enchanting on an alt, took me 11k, make sure you always go for the enchants that give level bonuses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osprey1 View Post
    make sure you always go for the enchants that give level bonuses.
    I levelled so many professions that I got sloppy once and made many dozens supposedly red Items with skillups once only to realize that the new Profession Mastery was not yet unlocked, so no skill-ups.
    Now only got 1267840 Golds after rebuying the Mats, down from 1269840.

    OT: just don't forget to level them at the same skill-levels so you can find the tight spot for disenchanting the JC Items aswell as use the enchanting Mats to help level Enchanting. for JC, don't just buy gems, try the appropriate ore instead and prospect it. If your Server is underpopulated and certain ore is way overprized, look for a miner in tradechat and have him mine the ore or mine it yourself.

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    You can probably do it for about 10k or so depending on the server. Level Jewelcrafting first and DE everything you can, yes you'll do some gem cuts, but you'll make a ton of green items you can DE for mats for Enchanting, should save you a significant amount of money overall.

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    I think the best way is too just level up mining with these.

    I leveled up mining and kept all the ore, with a little bit of extra farming I hit cap in no time.

    On my server the prices of the outdated mats are just way too expensive.
    I know that its an investment but I only casually make gold so 15-20k to buy all the mats just isn't feasible to me.

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    Unless you're rich don't powerlevel jewelcrafting and enchanting.

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    How much gold could you make from enchanting?

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    I cannot believe the amount of bullshit in this thread. I paid 5k max to level jewelcrafting with some minimal personal farming. Most expensive part was the Outland one, where I actually farmed some of the fel iron and adamantite myself. Seriously, are you playing on dead servers where everyone buys gold as well ?!

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    I haven't spent a single copper on my enchanter since TBC, i.e. WotLK, Cata and MoP was free, and it was at max level (for each expansion) within 2 months of each expansion being released.

    Reason: You get tons and tons of green BoE while levelling, that you can mail/DE.. Then while you level your enchanter, you also get some bæue BoP you can DE, and that way have more mats than you'll ever need for your enchanting...

    JC on the other hand... Can be quite expensive, unless you REALLY REALLY love to play your miner-toon...
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    Cost me next to nothing.. Well a lot of time since i Started with Mining and JC mined/prospected all my gems then went to enchanting later. But already had the Stuff to DE from the Stuff i made from JC
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    Enchanting is basically leveled for free. Its JC thats gonna kill you. I have had 3 max level enchanters that never spent a single gold on mats.

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