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    On my priest I basically smite spam and have 0 trouble keeping people up. Only one the last boss of the temple jade serpent I had trouble(did not want to dispel the debuff because I was running oom but everyone was stacking on each other >.<)
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    basically before heirlooms... it was still kinda challenging especially stuff like Dire maul the Ogre part... 2nd to last boss... the one that fears every1 and calls for help... it was a bastard to deal with... now I can pretty much solo everything as BrM from lvl 20 to 80 and maybe the Cata ones if I'm patient enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pisholina View Post
    Greetings, community. I have decided to power level a Druid. I am currently rolling him as a DPS, but I want to heal when I get to level 90. Is there any point in leveling where dungeons are challenging enough that a healer will actually need to have a constant input, instead of just healing once every 15 seconds? TBC dungeons, Cataclysm dungeons, MoP dungeons? What would you say gives a healer a challenge?
    From all the alt making I have done, it really doesn't seem to matter until MoP dungeons. With Heirlooms that can go to 85, Cata dungeons aren't all that difficult anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pisholina View Post
    I was just asking when I should try healing, not look for a vanilla private server. Thanks for the input though.
    It really depends on your tank.
    If I remember correctly hardest parts are first levels of the new expansion. Lvl58, lvl68, 80, 85. when tanks switch to new expansion but still tank in the gear from previous content.
    You can end up in situation when tank got 2 times less HP than you do It's quite funny to heal them.

    I would suggest you to always play healer, but dps in the same time. I leveled two healer alts like that and always managed to overdps half of the party. With 4 dps you get the quickest runs and fastest leveling.
    You just need to find the "right" tank leveling in dungeons that is capable of pulling half of the dungeon while constantly moving ahead and stick to him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkblazer View Post
    Find a Time machine. Travel... 2005-2008. Enjoy experience.
    This 100%.

    Other than that: just alt-tab and do something productive outside WoW on top of doing dungeons.

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    Never, unless you solo them. Really tempted to try to level a Paladin that way.

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    actually, a decent tank and non-retarded dps and it can be kinda challenging with crazy chain pulling. i had this one guy in couple of runs on my lowbie priest who knew what he was doing (and had a bunch of tanking heirlooms) and it was hella fun. awesome exp too.

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    They're challenging when you're a brand new player and don't know crap about the game or gear or anything.

    You'll probably get carried by 4 other players, sure, but the first time you're doing all this stuff, especially if you don't have a buddy looking over your shoulder telling you what to do, it is quite a bit to learn.

    I think that's about the appropriate level of difficulty.

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    travel to 2006 and do all of lower black rock spire

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    People want something they've done a thousand times before, that's intended to educate lesser skilled players, to be challenging? Moreover, think about time invested versus gear rewards... you'll replace the gear you get in dungeons in a few levels, and they're never better than heirlooms. And you want to spend hours wiping because one guy doesn't get it?
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    No such thing as a challenging lowbie dungeon.... I know there's a group of guys on here that will say something like "that's good, that just means guys that aren't really good can beat them fast too".... kinda gets boring though. Not to mention, makes people in no shape or form ready for raiding once they do level up to 90.

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    Just about everything leveling up as a druid healer is pretty easy, because nothing leveling up has much for spike damage. The first dungeon that has tough spots to heal is Gate of the Setting Sun because multiple people can take a lot of damage at the same time (especially new to MoP people).

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    The difficulty largely depends on the experience and gearing of the entire party.
    You seem to give the impression that you are an experienced player with at least one other role, and so some of that will carry over.
    A vast number of alts will also be equipped with heirlooms, so largely eliminating low level gear.

    Those who are actually new and inexperienced will need you to work harder, but even then the experience at that point has to allow for those sorts of players.
    It cannot be reliant on either new alts, be them heirloomed or not and so it will often be a trivial experience to anyone who is not new.

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    cataclysm dungeons can be seen a bit harder to heal cause almost all tank are completely undergeared and take alot of dmg on some parts, cause most will still use their heirlooms. The rest is np. Sadly once you hit MoP you dont need a heal anymore, cause the MoP dungeons are by far the easiest. after ragefire maybe.

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    When are low level dungeons challenging?
    When you get 2 friends and 3-man them all, especially when the mobs are still orange/red. (I did that some time ago on a bear and LBRS was epic)

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    About the only time an issue arises is when your dealing with an entire group with no BOA gear. Before BFD/Stocks can be work because you end up with lots of trial accounts which can be a total crap shoot for gear and play knowledge. Other than that, when you get superdude as a tank, who expects any healer to keep him up because "you don't have to heal more than once every fifteen seconds" :P

    Healers start seeing real mana issues level 81+ as the game skews mana efficiency against them, but I haven't met many people who queue cata levels - seems everyone skips that tripe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkkgrinder View Post
    Do what i do. As the healer just pull 4 packs of mobs and see how your group reacts to this. This makes healing a bit more challenging at the lower levels.
    Yeah, do this if you want to come across as the ignorant, self-centered jackass who pushes his crap onto the whole group. Just saying - a lot of people feel annoyed by this kind of behavior.

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    once upon a time, when players had some form of patience and desire to do things, low level dungeons could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours.... Where has it all gone?
    It's like crossing an intersection. There's shit going on all over the place and you don't panic and act like an idiot then do you?

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    when you have a group of level 51's do a full run of brd without heirlooms...that was fun..miss miss resist miss :S
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    Quote Originally Posted by kynthrus View Post
    once upon a time, when players had some form of patience and desire to do things, low level dungeons could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours.... Where has it all gone?

    How melodramatic. Who wants to be stuck in a low-level dungeon for hours?

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