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    Wink [H][EU] Argent Dawn - Raider's Inc - Reroll Guild

    Are you looking for something new? Need a fresh start? Well look no further!

    <Raiders Inc> Is a newly founded re-roll guild on Argent Dawn Horde server.

    We are a group of 10 very active players of all walks of life looking to do all content within the game up to and including 90. The guild recruitment goal is 25 players so we can enjoy all that WoW has for us. Our aim is to create a friendly guild environment while having fun and a laugh while redoing old content.

    Caps will be 40/60/70/80/85


    We are recruiting all classes and specs.

    Recruit - all new members start at this rank, and move to member rank when they registered on website, wrote a short introduction post, and players of the guild vouch for them in the introduction post (requires member interaction with the new member. i.e dungeon run,questing, chit chating).
    Once a recruit becomes a member he gets a welcome package from all of us to celebrate the new member in our guild.

    We are always recruiting socials. If we lack a raider any night then we will invite a social to join us no matter what your gear is . As long as you're the right level to come we don't mind. We would rather do this than cancel a raid. It will also give a chance for socials to have a go.

    Both new and old players are more than welcome to join. Also we expect people in the guild to be mature while being able to have a laugh at the same time. We don’t have an age limit so people need to keep in mind that there may be younger players in the guild, however guild chat will not be “molly cuddled”.

    Incentives to Join

    Welcome Pack - each new recruit will receive this when they are promoted to member rank, this will include a variety of things to help you on your journey, we have all experienced the difficulties starting on a new server so this should help you along the way.
    We will be holding a host of events within the guild, so keep an eye on the calendar for these.
    We will also be giving away prizes to those who reach the level caps first.
    Member of the Month
    Screenshot of the Week
    Plus lots more


    No leveling past the cap, if you do you will not be allowed to raid. If you do go above the cap level you should make it known to a officer the reason why you have went past the current cap level. If failing to give a valid reason or not giving a reason all together you will be kicked from the guild.
    No leveling or using gear from the wrong expansion or you will also not be allowed to raid. (I.e. Not using Outlands gear while caped at level 60. Not even quest gear.)
    We will be implementing a ilvl cap for each raid and these ilvl caps will be posted on the forums in advance of any raids.
    Monks and Deathknights are allowed, Deathknight after we have raised the cap to 60.
    No use of PvP gear while raiding. There will be people in the guild who will be doing arena etc. however PvP gear is for PvP only. The PvP gear available out gears the raid gear in earlier content, which will make the raids even easier and take out some of the fun.
    There is no profession cap however you still can’t use things like Outland crafted items while raiding classic content.
    We are allowing Heirlooms only for leveling with however the closer members are to the same level, the more we can level together
    Alts are allowed. You can have a main character you wish to raid with and up to 2 alts per player can join the guild (you can have more,you just need to decide which 2 alts you want in the guild).

    If you wish to join leave a comment below or go straight to our website www dot raiders-inc dot com

    Thank you very much for reading and we hope to welcome you soon!

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    We have already got a good bunch of new members in the past day which is awesome. We have arranged a guild dungeon runs for tonight so if anyone wants to join soon I'm sure they will be level 15 by this evening.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Could do with getting a few melee dps if anyone is interested.

    - - - Updated - - -

    We are now up to 17 members from only 10 yesterday and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and getting involved.

    - - - Updated - - -

    We have met our minimum goal of having 25 members. We have healers and tank and are now mostly looking for melee dps if anyone is still interest. Join while we are still at the level 40 cap.
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    The guild is going great, lots of new recruits and all fitting in We are still recruiting though, don't miss out the fun!

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    Guild is going strong we are currently capped at 70 and have cleared Karazhan,Gruul, and Maggy. Tonight we are doing SSC we plan to stay at level 70 for a while so why not join us.

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