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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorschachs View Post
    Tier 16 sets look pretty random. What is the theme? is every class growing wings or something?
    the theme seems to be "titan technology mixed with common pandaria stuff"

    IMHO they should have chosen "siege of orgrimmar" for the theme of these sets.
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    Anyone else noticed the similarities between Paladin T16 and a mix of Paladin T10 and Mage T12? Put Mage's T12 shoulders and head on with the rest of Paladin's T10 gear and it looks pretty much the same
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    And again "T16 sucks" post......-_-
    That's begin to be boring...

    And for my opinion:

    Rogue: I will say T16. Because I like forms and colors and T13 is a little "too much" detailled. It looks like a ajusted leather armor.
    Mage: Not opinion. Looks like the same.
    Hunter: I will say T16 too because he is f****** original (odd?) and unforgettable! The T13 is good too but kinda the opposite of T16..
    Paladin: Definitely T16! It's very nice, a "Judgment set blessing by the Red Crane" like. In opposite, I don't get in what T13 is "special" especially with the helmet.
    Druid: Both are goods but I like more T16 because I like the feathers effects and neat looks.
    Priest: Not opinion. T13 is nice but a bit too "Statue of Liberty" and T16 is ok.
    Warrior: Honestly, T16 too. It looks "barbarian" and savage. I use to like huge, monster theme concept but I don't know why but I find T13 a bit grotesque.
    Death Knight: Definitely T16. I love those dark colors and this faceless helmet. A proof a Death Knight can be disturbing without having skulls on each part of his body.
    T13 is easily forgettable..
    Demonsit: Not opinion. T13 is a "disturbing faceless tentacle monster" look and T16 is "Noble Evil spirit" looks.
    Shaman: If that's the T16, I give my vote on it!

    In resume, I prefer T16 armors because I find them more "exotics" and more "detailled".

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    And wow.. am I the only one who sees the similarities between T 16 and 13 for Mage, Warlock, Druid, Paladin and Rogue?
    Everyone sees the Mage similarity. Rogue T16 is like an updated version of T6.5 (Sunwell). The others bear no real resemblance to any previous set.

    T13 was better for Priests and Rogues.
    T16 is better for Hunters, Shamans, Druids, and Locks.
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    God the warlock T16 looks absolutely terrible. Nothing warlock about it at all, with the giant Deathwing jaw and the entire warrior t13 look to it. I think it actually beats the T12 fire spider bullshit for worst warlock set yet.

    Being transmogged to challenge mode armor because nothing else looks better for the entire expansion is kind of disappointing.

    T13 at least fit the theme of Dragon Soul, the people in this thread need to look closer.

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    Eh...some are good and some are bad, this is true of every tier. Mostly because we all have our own opinions on them, which we should of course.

    I really hope that shaman get the dark shamans' robes for their tier. It makes perfect sense and it looks pretty nice. It gets that whole primal aspect that has been...well, I wouldn't say missing, just handled weirdly so far this expansion. The Firebird set made absolutely no sense given that nothing in Pandaria wore anything close to that. Like, what were the feathers and such supposed to represent? I do like that the Witch Doctor set is worn by troll shaman on the Isle of Thunder and in the raid proper, but sadly it's a set that only looks at home on trolls. The dark shamans' robes look at home on any race (I think) and carry on the primal nature of shaman a la T10 and T13 (both of which are my top two transmog choices). If that's what we get, I'll be pretty happy.

    I don't really have strong opinions on the others; a lot of them carry the same sort of design (glowy polygonal belt, glowy bits in all the same places, different sets of one armor class being quite similar to each other). I do think that the T16 paladin set does the "I have giant wings on my forehead" thing better than T13's did, and I like its sword of justice motif. Also, something about the DK T16 really resonates with me, and I can't really explain it. It doesn't have the obvious skull designs that 90% of DK tiers have, which is nice. In its place, it makes the character look like some sort of faceless warrior, its one-eyed gaze making it look a little bit creepy. The horns are also well-done in my opinion, they look thick and powerful rather than just sharp. Warriors are also alright.

    So I guess I like the T16 plate sets better than the T13 ones! Everything else is either T13-favored or I don't care either way.

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    T16 is even less impressive than the rest of Mists' raid sets to me. T13! And at the time I only really liked priest and paladin (minus the helm). Shaman normal/heroic was alright in game. I admit, the DK set is actually the one that I think looks alright. The color or texture of the horns on the helm looks bad, and maybe a few other spots, but it could look fine in game imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Allacess View Post
    Paladin T16 and a mix of Paladin T10 and Mage T12?
    Sorry, but not at all. Mage T10 had feathers on the bottom of much bulkier shoulders; paladin T10 was nothing like it. The details on paladin T16 reminded me of more of a priest set, but the chest and legs in general make an odd look with the shoulders and helm that I see dividing a lot of people-... so who knows.
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    I liked the mage t13 lfr on my draenei with helm hidden, and I like the druid t13 as well. Priest t13 wasn't bad, though I think in general for the tier, I didn't like the helms much at all across all the classes.

    The shaman t16 looks pretty good to me (even though I hate the large shoulders). the lock looks ok, but again, that helm :/ the priest set has a nostalgia look to it, imo (shoulders too big, again /sigh) ...

    the color of the set, and the race it is on can have a big difference in how the set is perceived as well.

    overall, i'd say t13; but there has been better sets out there; why not compare t10 vs t13 vs t16? I think t10 would win in that battle.

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    To be honest I hate both, but at least T13 had the Deathwing Warrior armor, and the Druid set wasn't too shabby either. Even if T13 Death Knight is the ugliest tier set ever and T16 has the better Shaman set it's still not enough to win. Gotta give it to T13, the first comparison that tier has ever won.
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    Death Knight

    Mage sets look too similar, and it's hard to see the outfit differences on a gnome body.

    Overall, T13 is better in my opinion, but since I play a Paladin, T16 wins for me.

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    Breaking it down by class:

    Better in T13:

    Better in T16:
    Death Knight

    The rest are "meh" in both tiers.

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