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    Well the first step on the road to recovery would be to return to the player base back to actual gamers and not whiny consumers however given the deeply entrenched selfish desires coupled with the not so subtle digital segregation that the vocal minority hastily seek, I don't see this happening I'm afraid.

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    I don't think they can stop the decline in subs no matter what they do. As for the "fixing", I think the game's pretty tight at the moment, they've fixed many issues into what I consider satisfactory and in some occasions entertaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookids View Post
    Because raiders should get raiding gear. Why should you get special gear for doing less? People need to understand that gear is for PROGRESSION. If you aren't trying to PROGRESS, then you should have no need or want for gear. I don't know what about this is so hard to grasp.
    My point is that raiders don't necessarily do more. And why should progression be limited to raiding? Why can't 5-man groups get some form of progression? Why is progression limited to groups of 10 or more? Besides I've never bought the argument that gear is only for PROGRESSION. If that were the case, why does Absalom on Illidan, a member of Blood Legion (the #1 US guild), have 12 Ra-den kills under his belt? I mean, he finished the game and isn't progressing anymore. Shouldn't he stop getting gear then? Why would he keep going back into the raid if not for gear?

    Quote Originally Posted by Crookids View Post
    Also, if you think raids that ARE progressing are doing nothing but showing up and "what they're told", then I question your ability to form an opinion on anything in this thread.
    I didn't say that progression raids are doing nothing but showing up and "what they're told." I said that many progression raiders do that. On low progression servers you have no choice but to carry these people with you because the other option is to not raid at all. I've carried many raiders to heroic T13 gear, and I've been carried to T14 gear. I was kind of sad that I had been busting my butt for weeks to acquire 463 gear from heroic dungeons and 476 gear from LFR only to be handed three 480+ pieces on my first raid. That's just not fair, and it's not "rewarding" players for doing more. It's rewarding them for participating in raids. You missed my point, which is that participating in a raid does not merit special gear. That's a conclusion I arrived at from personal experience.

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    The only way I can see them 'fixing' the situation is if they used mind control pills or a nostalgia ray to make people believe it's 2004 again.

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    no, gave up last week and cancelled my sub. 5.4 changelog sucks balls (except virtual realms)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    People on the other end of the spectrum (let's call them "apologists") are just as biased and annoying.
    Or how about this? Let's call them "people with a different opinion than my own".

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