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    Dps cd macro help

    So, I am wanting to make a macro for three cd's on my elemental shaman. One for elemental mastery, ascendance, and fire ele. What I am trying to do is get it so when I hit it, it uses all three, but when 2/3 are on cd, itll still use elemental mastery. Is this even possible?

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    As long as none or only 1 of the spells triggers the GCD, and they are all instants, you should be able to macro them all together. Judging by wowhead info, only the fire elemental totem is on the GCD, so it should be fine - but I don't play an ele shaman and that info has been wrong before.

    /cast Ascendance
    /cast Elemental Mastery
    /cast Fire Elemental Totem

    It should also still use elemental mastery even if the other two are on cd. It'll also use ascendance with it if that's off cooldown. You can't really make it so that it doesn't do ascendance until fire ele totem is back up, if that's what you were going for.
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