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    Question How to DK: Unholy PvP

    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty much lost on how to play Unholy, due to the fact I leveled to 90 only playing Bloodspec. Now I want to gear my char up and I'm completely lost.
    The sudden swap of talents, skills and runemanagement is too much for my brain to process and I pretty much stick to what I know (my blood spec skills).

    Although the gear-factor probably has a bit to do with my limited dmg output and my terrible sustain, I'm assuming my play style has the biggest part in that.
    Unfortunately the sources I used to go for to figure out what to do seem to be outdated or very limited:
    • Noxxic
    • Arenajunkies
    • warcraft videos - does have a good vid, but it's kinda above my level.

    I'm looking for general How to stuff or some DK for Dummies.
    What skills are the big hitters, how or when do I keep dots up, what skills are spammable, does all runic power go into deathcoil, etc...
    Or if you can point me towards a decent thread (I don't fear a long read) or video that could help me out, I'd be forever in your debt!

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    You'll get people complain about him, but I find these videos useful:

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    spam heal absorbs and gg

    Keep it constructive please.
    - Fnx
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephenc87 View Post
    You'll get people complain about him, but I find these videos useful:
    Yep I also learned a lot from them and just go in to Battlegrounds and make duels you will learn a lot from them!

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    Yeah Reinhart does nice videos, you can also check out my channel I make DK guide videos
    http://www.youtube.com/user/RebiGames - Gladiator DK tips and tricks
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H7vD...7t_KzYAyk0VATw - Make 250k in 6 days only PvP

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    Just went through a lot of Reinheart & Rebi's vids.
    Many thanks to both of them, great material! I'll spend my free time watching & practising...

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