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    In 10 man heroic, except for Jin'rokh (which I don't cosider a "heroic" boss), SotF is very strong for all bosses. Incarnation has suffered a lot since 5.0: We don't need it as a mana saving CD any more, and the only fights with high damage phases where it would be good as a throughput CD are bosses with almost constant AoE damage, and SotF is just better in terms of throughput. (Examples are Megaera or IronQon). Also, as was said before, 10 mans are not designed around having an abundance of heal CDs, so it's not really needed.

    While FoN is nice to compete with smart heals in low-damage fights, I find them underwhelming in fights that are challenging my healing.

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    Heres 2 reports from ra-den 25 heroic:

    With SOFT:ér
    31 Deathrulér Ra-den 25H 143071

    With incarnation:ér
    7 Deathrulér Ra-den 25H 161448

    You can see that the healing done from WG was pretty much the same.... the only difference in the logs were the top log had more healing done from tranq and mushroom bloom. Partly because on the last 2 secs of TOL i poped tranq when the raid was around 40-50%, where as the other log i poped tranq when everyone was 80% (the other guild just had better healers... comparing 2 diff raid setups isnt ideal unfortunately). Its mainly to point out the difference in the WG healing tho.

    This week ive decided to mix it up a little bit inspired by a thread i saw here about the 13k haste break.

    So im at 13.2k haste, and im going to use FON... as with that amount of haste, it manages to cast healing touch rly fast, and does around 9-10 casts. So see wot happens!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephas View Post
    If you check top logs for resto druid 10man hc, you will see most of them using ToL.
    Checksmix when u're posting against something at least read the posts.

    For example, i found Tol is very nice for last fase on Lei Shen hc, as preparation for 3rd thunderstuck, for Dark Animus when a Jolt was about to happen and i had no tranq or had a lot of Anima fonts near me. All this during progress ofc, i'm never refering to farm runs, u can even go without talents during farm.
    If blizzard is buffing SotF on next patch guess what they think about it. Anyway with current gear level you wont be wiping because of a talent so choose whatever you want.
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    10m: unglyph WG and go with SotF. Using SM on cd you get every other WG buffed and you can use other SMs for tank Rejuv or whatever else you feel is needed atm. Also if youre a troll druid you can use Berserking with SM for beast Tranq.

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    ITT: People who still don't know that you can use sotf to get a hasted Rejuv for every other Swiftmend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcor View Post
    Pretty much Incarn or your bad

    The amoutn of healing that you have in your control vs Sotf and force just....your bad if you do anything else.

    Incarn, Any druid worth their salt goes incarn
    So i guess you havent read a single word of what people have said above. And that you find people bad just because they dont go with a talent that the majority goes with? lol seriously.

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