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    Quote Originally Posted by Archimand View Post
    it lack the gadgets engineer has therfore engineer is the best
    only 1 can be the best pvp profession and thats engineer
    You dont need engi to kill bots in scrub bgs.
    For actual pvp all those are useless.

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    Anyway, didnt blizz say that all the bonuses to professions, tailor proc, engi synapse, alch mini flask, JC extra gems, BS wrist, etc all even out to be the same increase? In that case Engi > all since it's controllable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by achromatickang View Post
    Also I'm pretty sure Rocket Fuel Leak can be dispelled. Anytime mine goes off I just pop cloak of shadows and it's instantly gone, lol.
    Definitely undispellable.

    Please remember- cloak never has dispelled. It REMOVES any SPELL effect. So it works on diseases (which are spells but not magic) poisons (which are spells but not magic) and numerous other effects that are only in the spell category but lack a dispel type completely (such as rocket fuel leak, acquiring target, the paladin seal dot, scorched, TONS of effects like this).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnEvilForce View Post
    OP didn't mention rated PVP. I also took engi (way back in TBC) because of nitro boots tho, was awesome for running flags in BGs. Still IS awesome, provided I don't blow up.
    You haven't been able to use Nitro and carry a flag for a long, long time, probably late Wrath I think.
    Dragonslayer Hoddie - pretending to know what I'm doing!

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    Take both engi and tailoring,
    engi gloves = on use trinket
    so if you are human you can have 2 proc trinkets (pvp one and pve one)
    + engi on use
    +tailoring proc
    + weapon enchant proc

    Using this setup on my rogue atm, and if i have 3-4 procs up and then use engi gloves + burst
    then the dmg is just silly. Ofc you need to be lucky for all the procs to be up when you want to go for a burst.

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    as others have stated, in certain guides it is mentioned that it could statistically be the best, however because of its random proc nature its not useful for PvP unless the stars and RNG gods align with your burst it could technically be considered a loss if its not active when you need it most

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    Yea, on topic, engineering is the best. Obviously rocket boots is ludic, as is the glider or parachute, but in the good-gear-making types of PvP (the instanced stuff, not the world stuff) these are disabled.

    So it's all about the glove tinker. While you can line up the glove tinker with everything but an activated trinket (which have been nerfed so often that they are pretty substandard right now), you'll have a harder time lining the tailoring enchant up. Additionally, the tailoring enchant is normally raw AP (instead of mainstat) if you are a Str or Agi guy.

    Still, if you are comfortable capitalizing on or using it, it is a very good trick. I see plenty of good players make use of it- normally casters, however.

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    Alchemy + Herbalism > all over you nubcakes, as a Tauren my herb speed is beyond imgination
    Time is on our side
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    Alchemy + Herbalism > all over you nubcakes, as a Tauren my herb speed is beyond imgination
    Cows get hit with the blue shell.

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    This isn't even up for debate. First pvp prof = engi for controllable burst and lining up with one of your cooldowns (since you'd want to line up big burst with trinket). It's quite easy to force defensive cooldowns with well timed Synapse + Other short CD for good damage and then use your trinket + big burst for kill windows.

    Second profession maybe good for tailoring.

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