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    RAF boosting and optimal dungeons

    I'm going to be running my 2x RAF accounts through dungeons from 10-80. What dungeon order is optimal and what lvl should my alts be before I switch to another dungeon?

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    just run whatever Dungeon Tool pops for you

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    Generally just trust that Lfd will get you something new, the big ones to get are rfc/sh/sm/scholo as their xp is so overtuned compared to the other options. If you queue specifically for those when you can, you'll benefit. Beyond that, specific queuing wotlk dungeons is a big help as well, last raf I did we got uk 5 times straight, missed nexus and AN as a result.

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    I'm using a lvl90 to power level my other 2 accounts that are RAF linked so I wont be able to use the dungeon tool.

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    It's been awhile, but Deadmines > Stockades > Scarlet Monestary > Zul Farrak was definitely the most efficient in Wrath days. Google those dungeons to see what the minimum level is. That used to stop at 60. Now I assume people continue on in BC and Wrath dungeons, but I have no idea which ones would be most efficient there. Ramparts for sure.
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    Remember that you can enter Ramparts as soon as your toons hit 55, heroic mode BC dungeons from 65 and Utgarde Keep from 67, try to do most of the WoTLK dungeons as they have quest, and from 78 you can enter Halls of Lightning, which yield tons of exp all the way to 80. I'm not sure about Cata dungeons, but Blackrock Caverns should be your choice, since it probably gives more exp than Throne of the Tides and I'm not sure if you have to complete the underwater zone quests to enter the instance manually. From 81 both Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle unlock, I have no idea which one gives more exp, and from 84 you can do a run in Grim Batol and The Lost City of the Tol'vir which both have quest (tip - if you don't use the drakes in Grim Batol to clear out the trash you will get more exp, but will skip one quest). After that you should be ready for Pandaria

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