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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoddie View Post
    If Nitro Boosts never failed - or failed rarely - it would be virtually mandatory for raiders.
    ill chime in here.. its not an issue about failing.. so much as the way they fail. it used to be by shooting you up into the air several hundred feet... with plenty of time to pop a parachute and land safely. the fuel leak does incredible amounts of unavoidable damage. this is the problem i have with the boots. i dont care if they fail, but to drop a player to 10% of their health is a bit much. i think the chance of failure for the boots are fine, just the kind of failure should be changed. its a double penalty. not only did the boots fail and not help you out of a situation, but now they've also stacked on a rather heavy dot. making a healer in the raid become responsible. this kind of boot failure needs to be reworked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me. To have dipshits on a video game forum question me, is insulting.

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    The chance of failure is appropriate. It is a high risk-high reward bonus that comes along with other things such as the glove enchants.

    Engineering is already more powerful than many other professions. Realistically speaking it could even use some further balancing from a numbers point of view.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shokter View Post
    If i remember right the air boost effect used to be able to happen in raid instances but people complained/suggested an alternative so rocket fuel leak was introduced. The idea is you aren't taken out of the fight (and also potentially creating opportunities for exploits), but there is a strong penalty. If you are careful and don't overuse it or use it during times of high raid damage then you can either pop some CDs/and or call for healer love, but the small risk is always there. I could be wrong, but that's how I remember the evolution of the backfire.
    Kind of, but the problem was if you were shot all the way up you'd run the risk of falling through the world, or seeing the instance undeveloped. That was more of a problem.

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    It would mean every heroic raider would need to get engineer than. And dont say "nah why just cause they get a free sprint". In BC almost 90% of the raid had leatherworking for the drums.

    engineer already has cool stuff, and the exact stat gain like all the other classes (with few exceptions like LW for stam and BS). Giving them a free sprint without any chance of failing will make this the best profession in the game for raiding.

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    AFAIK, it is what it is now because it was pretty much mandatory in arena's back in the day. Everyone rolled Engineer simply for the Nitro Boosts which couldn't fail at all. So something had to be done, but I'm not sure this useless iteration was the best though.

    And Jamesmarcus, your name reminds me of a skilled player on Doomhammer EU I used to do raids with a couple of times. :P

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    If it didn't fail, it'd be EVEN MORE OP than it already is. Stop whining and thank your lucky stars it's even useable in raids.

    Engineering is already far and away bis for a dps, it doesn't need a buff. (and I say this as somebody whos engi on every dps char)

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    Quote Originally Posted by wigwam View Post
    But when you compare engineering to other professions, it doesn't match up when looking at total pros and cons because engineering can't make gold very well.
    Can you make up your mind ??
    Engi is one of the best perks, read glove enchants.
    Now you want a never failing additional bonus ?

    Get real...

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    I'm fine with its chance to fail but the damage you take is just way too high. I think it's like 80% of your health. They could easily reduce it to 40% or less and it would still be significant enough.
    Hell the fact that they simply don't work when you need them to is already a big punishment.

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    Nitro Boosts are fine, and people should stop taking such things seriously. It's supposed to be a "funzies" tinker. If it works, good for you. If it fails, tough luck. RNG is RNG.

    Edit: What they could do though is to bring the "out of instance" nitro boosts effect (the wotlk malfunction) where you're propelled into the air instead, but without parachute.

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    I rarely ever have had them fail and leak on me. You're just unlucky I think (x

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    Nitro boosts are perfect and should never be changed.

    If they didn't fail, they would be considered mandatory- or removed.

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    Lots of people keep saying the punishment shoudl be less but less of a punishment is the same thing as no miss fire.

    About the only thing I could see being just as valid is locking you in place so you can't move for the 8 seconds. Won't kill you unless you tried to use them to avoid a life or death situation and lets be honest if you were trying to use them for that they were more then a "fun perk" they were there to cover up you padding the netters instead of moving or because you stood somewhere you shouldn't.

    The simple fact is that if you HAVE to live you don't use the boots. Everyone else in the game is able to move without them and manages to live so there is a way for you to do it too. If you use the boots and die then you have no one to blame but yourself.

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    I'd rather be able to use Nitro Boost combined with Goblin Glider again instead of lowering the fail chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by wigwam View Post
    But when you compare engineering to other professions, it doesn't match up when looking at total pros and cons because engineering can't make gold very well.
    Engineering mounts dont sell at all, is this what you are trying to say? If this is true, can i please have you Sky Golem. Thank you in advance.
    TCG Trading forum, seeing as blizzard took our old one away...

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    let me show you what will happen.

    hotfix1: NB fail has been reduced to 20% of total hp ( or even completly removed)

    All top guild will run engineer now.
    Forum: engineer too OP all top guilds take it, its so expensive. Unfair....crycrycry.

    Hotfix2: NB fail has been removed but can no longer be used in rated pvp, dungeons or raids.

    forum: why take NB away was so cool. all my gold wasted cause i skilled engineer.

    bluepost: we found NB to be mandatory after we got rid of the RNG effect, we wanted it to be more usefull in raids but not kill you if it fails. everyone wanted engineer cause of this buff but the glove enchant already makes it as good as any profession in the game. You can still use NB but its not mandatory in endgame content anymore.

    forum: why not just revert all changes. (more crying )

    hotfix 3: 3min cd. NB will not have a 40% chance of not providing the extra speed buff. If NB fails the cooldown will be lowered by 2.5 min. After using NB you will not be able to gain additional movement speed for 15 seconds, this effect will accure if NB fails.

    So after all it will jsut be nerfed to the ground and now one will want it.
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    I never use Nitro Boots, I use Frag Belt. It can be anywhere from a 1-3% damage increase.

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    It's fine. Just don't put yourself in situations where you have to depend on it. Cutting it close and banking on nitro boosts is bad play, but using it to get an edge when you're more or less fine is okay. There are also situations where you will be fucked anyways but nitro boosts can save the day.

    DK here and while being close to the middle with deaths advance is enough to stay on the platform, nitro boosts allows me to stay on the platform and reliably get a bouncing bolt if there is one on my platform.

    They don't backfire that often and I've never seen the launch you in the air backfire in a dungeon (think it's disabled). They usually work and rarely backfire/don't work at all.

    Also the glider is amazing for fusion slashes on Lei Shen lol.

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    We used to have a raid leader healing sham that was insistent on using nitro boots. They inevitably backfire during progression bosses. Unless you have a way to cheese them when they do backfire then don't depend on them.
    The boots are merely a game of luck bonus to the glove chants, which are the main contributer to engineering.

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    I hate when the boost fails, but to be honest, I think it works perfectly most of the time, and can be a MASSIVE help on certain bosses, not all of them, but many. For me, I used them any time I ever got helm of command on heroic lei shen and they never failed, to be honest, I think on some fights they pretty much tune them to always work.

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    I am an engineer, but as others have said, the belt and glider enchants are *balanced* profession perks. The glove enchant is the static profession stat boost you get, which is already above other professions because of the burst capability. The glider is marginally useful on some fights, but most of the time not really noticeable (But it is great fun!). The belt enchant, of which most people will take nitro boosts I'm sure, is not balanced to be a profession perk - This is why it can fail.

    But honestly, I would like to see it changed to either simply failing to work, or blasting you sky high. The rocket fuel leak can be fatal, which I think is ridiculous. That, or having a higher level of engineering should decrease the chance to fail.

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