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    What I would do is make them work 100% outside of anything important.

    In Raids or whatnot, a giant speed boost on demand was neigh mandatory back when it didn't backfire, and entire high rated guilds were required to be Engineers for the utility. Now, people have significantly more choices.

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    yeah its been retarded since failclysm, they didnt fail nearly that much back in Wrath but yeah we all know Cataclysm ruined this game in many ways
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    Agreed, they really got to improve it. It really sucks chasing after some idiot that tried to gank me > he saw that he can't kill me and wants to run > my boosts fail > me sad panda
    Personal opinion: remove the glove enchant I dont care about few % str or dodge but remove the fail chance on the boosts. This sounds like a fair trade. Maybe add some passive base stat enchant on the belt included with the nitro.
    If you take away the glove enchant, the profession becomes worthless for raiding, and high end raiders would immediately need to drop it. That extra burst from INT/AGI/STR is extremely valuable.

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    Is this a serious thread or are all of you just messing with with our heads?

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    There is a very good reason the world challenge mode gold used engineering. They did it in blues, and used the invisibility belt.

    Nitro Boosts are one of the many options you can take on your belt. They're an extra for engineering since the output increase from Synapse Springs (which itself is also an option, there are alternatives). These options are a bonus. They're not passive, you need to use them, and they can fail. But since they're completely optional the chance of failure is OK.

    Blizzard has balanced the Nitro Boots out to put a DoT on you which is really nice considering previously it'd knock you in the air or quickly kill you. When you have this DoT, you can auto inform your healers when your Nitro Boosts fail, and you can also pop survivability CDs for it. Is it frustrating? Yes, bad RNG generally is. But without bad RNG there is no good RNG. Without good and bad RNG there is simply no RNG, and everything becomes utterly boring.
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