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    Siege of Orgrimmar Loot

    Okay so, we have seen some NASTY trinkets with passive effects that literally lower the CD of class cool downs. We have seen Garrosh's corrupted weapon. My first qualm with the loot is - will there be more sha touched weps? Have not seen or heard anything about that. Would make sense and validate the first part of the legendary quest. All the other parts didn't become unusable or outdated.

    On to those trinkets.. I can't help but notice unique trinkets at the end of each tier. After these CD lowering ones come out.. What interesting trinks could they make next? What could top that I should say. Yeah I loved my DBW, my madness of the betrayer, my bone link fetish. What's next? I feel as though Blizz is going to have to recycle *good raid* trinket effects soon. Obviously there are many trinkets that are simple with passive bonuses procs or uses.. That are just updated versions of old ones. But these siege trinks have the best effect ever people will get so used to / attached to them I can feel it now.

    And I know there's plenty of QQ on this.. But the art for the gear of Siege.. Like.. What??? Need I say more?

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    Art is subjective.

    There's also already a thread open on this.
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