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    Talking [Hero/Bloodlust] A nice idea for Locks

    Hi guys i am bored lately and i got an idea about a walock bloodlust/heroism spelli named it Fel Infusion. So i wanted to see whyt you guys think about it.

    Fel infusion

    Infuses your party/raid members with demonic blood increasing their meele, range and spell haste by 30%. Lasts 40 seconds.

    Allies receiving this effect receive Demonic Anemia (debuff name is subject to change ) and can't benefit from Bloodlust/timewarp/... again for 10 minutes.

    So guys what do you think?

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    Though more support is nice I don't see a need for that. Raids without mages/shaman/BM are quiet rare and 5.4 brings us BL drums.

    I'd appreciate it more if warlocks would get spell haste. Who needs stamina anyways...

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    If we were to get anything it would be Haste honestly.

    But we dont need more raid utility.
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    Give locks more utility so we later receive more nerfs, gg
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    I think warlocks bring enough for raids.

    Healthstone, Summonin, the Gate, Soulstone ... they deffinately don't need heroism aswell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talime View Post
    I think warlocks bring enough for raids.

    Healthstone, Summonin, the Gate, Soulstone ... they deffinately don't need heroism aswell.
    i agree 100%....idk why people think warlocks need to be buffed so much when theyre like the most unspoken OP class ever
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    no. no no no no no. no.

    that breaks lore. fel power isn't something you can just cleanse. an ability like that would have lasting consequences on your party members, like draenei turning into broken, orcs going red and what-not.

    you should only cast fel spells on yourself, never on others. unless you want to hurt them, of course (than a fel soulfire is a good option )

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightofdawn View Post
    i agree 100%....idk why people think warlocks need to be buffed so much when theyre like the most unspoken OP class ever
    perhaps because we warlocks ate shit for a long time before MoP.

    still, I disagree with this fel infusion thing, for the reasons I've mentioned previously.
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    Warlocks already bring far too much to the raid, no more buffs, if something, then nerf their utility.

    -Healthstones, Many times has it saved my life in a boss fight
    -Demonic Gateway, trivializes many of encounters in movement
    -Soulstones on tanks so healers/DPS don't have to react to tank dying.
    -Good self survivability(passive dmg reduction + shields from T15 talent)

    Lesser, but still very viable when comparing raid spot guarantees:
    -Supreme Multi-dot capabilities as Affliction
    -Fantastic AoE/Cleave as Demo/Destro
    -Summoning stones

    And if your raid doesn't have a Mage or a Shaman(or even a Hunter, but that locks them into 1 spec), you need to re-consider your raid setup.

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    While Blizz has been going "Bring the player not the class" for a while now, I don't think we need more classes with Bloodlust. If they were going to use BL, I'd say they'd give it to Monks to help their bring factor rather than Warlocks, but I doubt they'd do even that. Considering they're using professions (leatherworking, Drums of Rage) to bring a replacement in an emergency, doesn't seem like there's much reason to give to Warlocks.

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    Drums of Rage (New) Leatherworking.

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    Warlocks already bring good raid utility, which in many cases is completely unique.
    In the rare cases that nobody can bring that specific buff, then as mentioned there are going to be new crafted drums which provide a slightly weaker version.

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    If we hadn't had our stamina buff made usable, I might agree.

    As is, I think we deliver enough utility without giving us the big daddy that BL is - give it to a class that is struggling with utility more. I do think we could do with one more class bringing bloodlust though, maybe rogues or something.

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    Yes, let's give Warlocks more utility.

    That'll teach those other classes that want to try and get brought for rolling another class!
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    Viri, trashing the warlock forum again ? You have too much free time...

    But yeah, we don't need more raid utility, I think we are just fine now.

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    as an echo of everybody else, locks don't need it. they have enough utility as it is, and it's very rare to have a raid not including any shamans, mages or bm hunters

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    Just give every class a personal Bloodlust which they can use whenever they want (CD = 10min).

    I play a Shadow Priest currently and I feel like I have not enough CD's to pop and I'd very much enjoy that Spell Haste.

    (I have Power Infusion but that's a talent which every spec doesn't have.)

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    I don't agree with this.
    Warlocks bring SO much to a raid. We are the best dps class atm if you consider battleress, gateway, healthstones, big personal dmg mitigation etc. Heroism would cause us to be nerfed in some other way imo. Its not necessary.

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    Warlocks should have a raid mount that fits 25 peeps and travels at 800% and gives a spellpower buff that stacks while traveling to the raid. There is a JP vendor on the mount with BiS gear for every class. And feasts that give +2500 primary stat buff. Along with perma bloodlust/heroism buff.
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    raid utility needs to be significantly redistributed - and in particular it needs to be away from warlocks. progression raids already start with 4 warlocks as a baseline, and it's not because they just enjoy looking at purple text in their raidframes.

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