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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    Murlocs! You pull one, and then the next thing you know, you have a raid group of them on you. That sound they make, too. Creepy.
    Murlocs, I have to agree. You pull one, and think it's safe. It calls for help and another come, you're cool still. Then suddenly both calls for more help and suddenly you're running laps around the shore, screaming your lungs off.
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    At first I thought the Son of Arugal was kind of scary, then later those Devilsaurs, and then of course Fel Reavers. Nothing since has compared.

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    Cho'gall is my favorite
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    Quote Originally Posted by the0o View Post
    Fel Reaver, They are like mortars, you never hear the one that gets you.
    this is the only correct answer. ANYONE who played WoW back when BC first came out knows the terror of being squished as a 60 leveling in hellfire. what made it even worse was there was literally NOTHING like it in vanilla so it was totally unexpected. there were big elites but they couldnt sneak up on you like the fel reaver did.

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    Mor'ladim (is that his name? Been years since I was last in Duskwood). He was a nightmare to aggro and you'd always flee right into a pack of ghouls. Other than that, the Kraken mobs always scared me. Hated been in the water with them.

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    The Defias casters in the area outside of Deadmines were pretty dangerous back before Cataclysm.

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    Definetly Fel Reavers for me. Like everyone has said the bastards are silent when they are going to kill you. I still look over my shoulder when leveling in Hellfire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenjen View Post
    as a rogue it would be the fel reaver, not only did he get me multiple times but his scream got me killed as it broke stealth at the WORST POSSIBLE TIMES.

    did you know the world boss fel reaver outside black temple was supposed to roam around the zone like the fel reaver? You can even see what would have been its path around the zone, thats not by accident. Blizz decided that it might be TOO sadistic to do that.
    They put an archaeology site in a zone called the Feeding Pits, which has a no-fly debuff.
    Until I was better geared I hated that place.
    They can be sadistic when they want to be.

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    MogIt probably.
    AV tower guards while leveling.
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    Fel Reaver in BC. How does something that big sneak up on you, every time! Just about shit myself when I was questing and all of a sudden "BROUUGHGHHHH"

    Also this dragon, gives me nightmares. pathetic magic.. betrays... magic...(slow descent into insanity)

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    Morgan Lardimore.

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    I'd bet Hogger has the biggest kill count

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    The kraken that swims in the abyssal depths scares the day lights out of me for some reason. However the only times I see it is when I'm helping a hunter to find the ghost crab pet
    Quote Originally Posted by Ishamael8

    Deathwing was flapping along in the dragonblight getting ready to attack the tower whennnnn..... BAM!!! He gets nailed with a giant plasma beam coming down from the sky Grafton style from Halo Reach!!!! It would seem that Rhonin finally decided to put his 24mil mana to use...

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    First time i saw him was when he walked into my camera and i got a real close up of his freaky eyes.

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    Fel Reaver. Massive and always kept you glancing around when leveling in Hellfire.
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    She's not anymore, but I still feel the need to get a shoutout to my homegirl Sergra Darkthorn.
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    Whale Shark in that sea scenario. I regret swiming there.
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    There are a number of things I find creepy in WoW.

    - The massive elites that swim around the borders of some zones, which can kill you easily. They make me fear swimming too far out.

    - Thaddius and all the other abominations, for reasons explained by others here.

    - Eliza, the undead wife of Abercrombie, the guy who made Stitches. She's a rare spawn at his old shack in Duskwood, and is wearing wedding clothes. When she sees you she says "Eliza isss pretty....sssso pretty...." I don't know why, but she really creeps me out. I also feel sorry for her at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemah View Post
    Panda children.
    LOL did you also see WoWCrendor's beta footage of Connor? Fucking gold.

    Scariest mob probably was the stupid Fel Reaver assholes in Hellfire Peninsula early BC. Those douchebags just snuck up on you amid the server lag and then BLAM your screen one shake and you'd hear the screeching and groaning of the robot smashing his fist into your skull and turning you into mush. Seriously blizz, dick move.
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