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    Most terrifying? "Bob" aka the Spirit Healer. That one freaked me out the first time i met him (and the corpse run afterwards^^)
    Literally everything in Duskwood. You walked on the road? Say hello to Stitches! You walked through the woods? Say hello to Worgen, Spiders, Ghouls n stuff! That zone gave me nightmares. Oh and Mor'ladim, his story line was awesome. Meeting him on the graveyard while questing... not so much.

    Most dangeous? "Old" Fel Reaver/Mor'ladim, don't have to explain that^^
    Honorable mention to my good friend the cleaner and every Elevator since Gnomeregan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hitandruntactic View Post
    oh god the worst was when three would spawn...
    haha blood of heroes... I forgot about that.... I used to trick my friends into clicking them saying there could be a blue...

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    Mor'Ladim Vanilla.. Oh the times he ganked me questing

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    Anyone mentioned the children in goldshire?

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    Last time I was in Dawn's Blossom in Jade Forest, the guards there were neutral but able to be attacked.

    I saw a horrified hunter, that day.
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    Mor'Ladim and Fel Reaver.

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    Borelgore, Demetria and Duskwing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skandulous View Post
    Helcular's Remains

    dude was bad ass a lvl 44 elite and would kick the crap out of alliance and Hillsbrad guards
    That was fun and cruel. There would always be an announcement letting other Horde know that Helcular was about to be unleashed and there would always be 5-6 horde show up to watch.

    As others have stated, Stitches and Son of Arugal were the two that always hung in my mind. I never really got it bad from the Fel Reaver. Hogger was a treat. Horde doesn't really have too many of those, seems that more are on the alliance side.

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    They are murloc!

    They are death!

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    Sons of Arugal. I didn't had problems with any npc, except these!

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    Vanilla: Pre-nerf Devilsaurs
    TBC: Fel Reaver

    After that... well, frankly nothing in the world really felt that threatening. There were big bad guys around, but they were easily avoided and I never had one sneak up on me the way those mentioned above did. In MoP, they don't even move.
    Can't say I've ever considered a raid NPC particularly dangerous or terrifying, simply because you've 9-24 others with you.
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    The whale shark's kids (in Battle on the High Seas). They're stronger than their parents...

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    Murlocs. Purely due to them killing me over and over and over again as a low level blood elf paladin in TBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treno View Post
    I'm not so sure on terrifying. I mean the idea behind Thaddius is a bit disturbing, till you realize that it's pretty much every abomination's story, and the same thing still goes on in Undercity today. I guess the idea of people being ripped apart and crafted into flesh golems has been done enough in the game that I'm rather desensitized to it. Hell, even the mogu have done something similar with their flesh-shaping magics.

    As far as terrifying for me? Ozumat/Jiao. thankfully we haven't had to combat them in open water yet. /shudder
    Well the problem with Taddius is that he's made with woman and childrens and most of the Abominations are made with soldiers, also in the case of Thaddius the souls of those he was made with are still trapped inside him, and you can hear them screaming in torment... that's why he is terrifying

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    Cenarion Hold Guards

    Cenarion Hold Guards
    Now these were the real deal, if you dropped your garbage next to the bin or looked at someone funny, they came sprinting in and before you realised it, you were a corpse.

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    The pre-Cata version of Stitches, the abomination you help the Embalmer make in Duskwood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Observare View Post
    This my friend is why you should avoid murloc quests!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Soloed him back in 5.1:P
    Revenge for randomly hellfire and for killing me
    Haha, awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noorri View Post
    Devilsaurs.... those bastards are absurdly silent when they come up from behind.
    So much this. Questing in Un'Goro, when I was a newbie, has always been a HELL; that's constant feeling of "death from above" arriving in any moment without even the slightest notice. Damn, that was terrible.

    The Fel Reaver in Hellfire gave to me a similar sensation, but was not the same thing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Keyblader View Post
    It's a general rule though that if you play horde you are a bad person irl. It's just a scientific fact
    Quote Originally Posted by Amerrol View Post
    So many ignorant Horde fanboys. I guess if you play a savage faction it slowly starts to lower your IQ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outofmana View Post
    Cenarion Hold Guards

    Cenarion Hold Guards
    Now these were the real deal, if you dropped your garbage next to the bin or looked at someone funny, they came sprinting in and before you realised it, you were a corpse.
    they still do that

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