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    Looking for a transmogrification testing site...

    I'm actually looking for a site with character models that you can use to test your transmo sets to see if the gear you are planning to use looks good together. Wowhead had profiler where you could see how the gear would look like on your character but I think they removed it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can compare items in WoWhead and after setting them all in one group, just click "View in 3D".
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    There's an ingame addon called Mogit that does exactly what you want.

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    I second the use of mogit. It's amazing. The "default" sorting for items (by slot) are level, but you can change it to sort by color (and it's fairly accurate). Also, if you hover your mouse over an item, it will tell you if there's a recolor of that item and where it's located.
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    As someone as already said, get the addon Mogit and Mogit Sets. It will do what you are asking.

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