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    Lord Kazzak being kited to Stormwind or Hakkar's Corrupted Blood.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    Terrokarantula. When somebody's already killed it and you happen to be standing right underneath it when it respawns.

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    Really surprised no one has mentioned stitches back in Duskwood. You'd be running down the path, minding your own business and BAM stitches hits you like a ton of bricks.

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    Bears with mushrooms on their back.
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    Old World Scarlet Courier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Yakshamash View Post
    Ye, Thaddius for me., first 20 seconds.

    Yeah the concept of Thaddius is creepy as hell.

    "Thaddius, built from the flesh of women and children, it is said that their souls are fused together - eternally bound within that foul prison of flesh."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judic View Post
    Really surprised no one has mentioned stitches back in Duskwood. You'd be running down the path, minding your own business and BAM stitches hits you like a ton of bricks.
    ? half the posts here mention stitches.

    i'm gonna have to go with thaddius aswell, his audio is creepy, especially when the woman is like "help me, save me" and then you hear a man say "stop screaming!" really puts a picture in your head of someone stitching woman and children together..

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    I also have an intense fear of large bodies of water, because of what exists below the surf. So zones like Vashj'ir, the tunnel between Stormwind and Ironforge, Kraken mobs in the north and SSC, deep water off the coasts, etc. all freak me the hell out.

    I also never found the nightmare dragons creepy or scary, but rather pretty awe inspiring. The artwork of the areas where you found them was always well done and the green portals behind them just added to the ambiance.

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    The whale shark. For some reason kiting that thing scared me so much. That entire zone in general has some scary stuff. Something about the deep blue ocean and not knowing what's down there scares me.

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    Vash'jir. I don't like underwater in real life or any video game. Donot trust it.
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    As far as the most powerful, technically I think A'dal would be the most "dangerous" NPC in the game, but there's no risk of getting attacked by him so I guess he's out.

    If I had to choose it would probably be Kobolds. They just gross me out, these disgusting little rat creatures with teeth...I never sleep with a foot hanging off the side of the bed for fear that some verminous creature below will feel its candle is in danger of being taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knadra View Post
    Fel Reaver, gotta keep your distance.
    I'd have to say Fel Reaver for all the wrong reasons. A big robot really should make some damn noise. It didn't help that the zone was so packed with mobs that you could barely walk ten feet without getting four helboars charging you.

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    Most terrifying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Observare View Post
    Post the one you think is dangerous/terrifying, furious halfhill defender here They may be pandas, but they hit like a truck hitting you with a truck
    I remember wondering WTF was that when I saw Stitches for the 1st time in Duskwood, before the Cata changes. I got stomped by him a few times there. Again Latimore in the cemetery kicked my ass a few times in Duskwood too.

    The Fel Reaver in Hellfire got me a few times too.

    Ah, when WoW was new to me, those were some fun times.

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    - Scarlet Courier
    - Undead abomination walking through DuskWoods during late hours (lvl?? when your lvling in the woods)(Stitches)
    - Elite skeleton walking around the hilltop of the first graveyad in duskwood. (Mor'Ladim)
    - Develsaur in Un`goro
    - fel reavers in hellfire
    - epl/wpl raid questmobs
    - doomguards in SL heroic in TBC (5sec fear without dr, and could twoshot a tank)

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    Quote Originally Posted by celinamuna View Post
    Bears in hillsbrad with spiders on their butt.
    These things are just disgusting. I skip this quest EVERY SINGLE TIME because it makes me feel like gagging.-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanzlee View Post
    ? half the posts here mention stitches.
    Sadly only few ever reads these threads past OP, they just herp and comment.

    Anyway, i'm choosing those old favourites too, Mor'Ladim, Stitches etc. They were not "terrifying" for me, but they were real threat back in classic, something you really tried to avoid.

    Shadra was kinda "zomg" when i first saw it crawling from that pond. Yeh, it was TBC and i came back to him at lvl 59, but i really wanted to solo him before jumping to outland. And i was victorious. ("whee" sigh)

    edit: zomg, forgot to erase my pet's name tag! i'm doomed! someone will see my hunter's name that i used 6 years, 3 realm change and one faction change ago!
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    Just checked all the pages and I'm surprised hardly anyone has mentioned Hogger.
    Oh well. Reflecting back to my early days of playing WoW, the Fel Reavers in Hellfire Peninsula were probably the most terrifying NPC's to me. Especially the one time when I was questing and one of them somehow managed to sneak up on me before curb stomping my toon into a pizza shaped Human. x_x

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    Defiantly Knucklerot and Luzran for me. Oh and the Fel Reaver, he scared the crap outa me to.

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    Actually as a total nublet, the damn pig was pretty scary in Elwynn Forest, not just Hogger -- not to mention the walk to get to it.

    And in Ghostlands, the two Aboms and Dar'khan

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    When I was new to the game back in Vanilla, Mor'ladim was pretty scary and dangerous to me. Also, those elite ghosts that spawned and fucked your world up when you looted Blood of Heroes.

    And the guards at Light's Hope Chapel. They took their jobs VERY seriously. If you started any kind of shit close enough to them, they'd start kicking you around like a soccer ball.

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