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    Pvp to pve transition

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to best handle this situation at this point in the season/tier etc. I have a holy pally pvp, and I want to start tanking in pve. All ive done on my pally is pvp no mist reps, dailys and stuff. I can easily do lfr as a healer but tank gear doesnt drop, so no luck there and heroics i see people in 500 plus gear theres no way 463 gear is what i will be wearing (at least hope not). So how so I do this transition also I dont have gold to just buy epics either. thanks
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    Your pvp gear should be as strong as the exact same ilvl equivalent to pve.
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    Well... this is going to sound kinda stupid, queue as a dps in raid finder, yet enter in prot spec. You win gear based on what spec you are, but as long as you're selecting dps, (you'll be pretty worthless for damage) but you'll win tank gear.

    Just cross your fingers on not getting kicked from the group for the lack of dps.

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    You can pick which spec you get loot for so just run through all the LFRs for Tank spec gear as a healer. It will also help you get valor points so you can get some of the lower ilvl stuff. Might take a week or a couple, but just spend all your rolls on your best slots and go with lady luck.

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    Your pvp gear should be as strong as the exact same ilvl equivalent to pve.
    Topic starter whishes to play a different spec, though.

    Healing in your pvp gear shouldn't be much of an issue. You could do the weekly on the isle of thunder that gets you a lot of coins for the old raids, I suggest doing that first. You have to open chests in an instanced place for it. With the coins, do all t14 lfr, roll on every boss that drops loot for you (use an addon like AtlasLoot for that) untill you're full epic.

    Do throne of thunder lfr, try using coins on bosses that drop most upgrades for you.

    If you do this a week or 2, you should have a good enough tanking set to join some casual pugs. Tank a few pugs, and you'll have enough gear to join a guild. Good luck!

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    Right click portrait -> Loot specialisation -> Protection

    Queue to LFR as healer and have fun

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    LFR with prot loot spec, valor equipment of the shado-pan assault and 5 mans (run them with guildies and grab all the tank items). Also there are some pvp items for ret that are also viable for a tank (equipment with haste, mastery, hit and/or expertise)

    If you are unexperienced as a tank you may want to run 5 mans as a tank to get used to the playstyle.

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    Mostly good advice here, but one big thing.

    Do not choose loot spec as protection. You're FAR better off rolling as Ret, since that's what any decent pala tank does. We want Haste/accuracy gear, which you only get as Ret spec in LFR. Hell, your Int items (if they have haste/mastery) are actually not bad tank pieces either.

    If you go as Prot, you'll only get dodge/parry gear, which is pretty much worthless. Exceptions here are 1h/shield (which you cant get as Ret, obv), but using a healer shield/1H is also fine.
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