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    <Loot Inc> 10/13HC 10man Twisting Nether EU is recruiting a Warlock & a Holy Paladin!

    <Loot Inc> Twisting Nether-EU Recruitment

    About Loot Inc

    Loot Inc was formed by a group of friends, who raided together during previous expansions, at the start of Cataclysm when 10 & 25 man raids were consolidated. We started on Dragonmaw-EU where we were the top guild of the realm, however during cataclysm Dragonmaw-EU became a low populated realm and Loot Inc moved at the start of Mists of Pandaria to Twisting Nether-EU.

    Currently Loot Inc is the top 14th guild in 10 man HC on Twisting Nether-EU. We strive to be one of the best 10man HC guilds on our realm. This tier we have had quite a portion of bad luck (Guild members disappearing without giving message, not showing up and other reasons)

    We are playing to beat everything Blizzard throws at us. We want to achieve this without compromising our social lives and responsibilities. Our guild has a very strong social aspect. Our goal is to clear all possible HC content in every tier while only raiding 3 nights a week. This might get extended by 1 more night if we are close to a progress kill. In tier 16 we believe we will be in a good standing, ready to give Garrosh a real hard kick in the butt – we want our Horde to be in peace!

    If we want to achieve heroic kills and a stable progression and a guild, our approach to recruiting is very strict, we are looking for players equally minded like us! We expect our members to interact outside of raids whether it is chatting, running dungeons, doing PvP, playing alts or even playing other games. Quite a few of our members plays League of Legends outside of raids.

    Raid information

    [ul][li]We raid from 19:30 – 23:00 (Server time)
    [li]We raid Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and occasionally Thursday OR Tuesday.
    [li]When raiding with Loot Inc you are expected to come fully prepared, this means bringing flasks, pots and knowledge of the bosses. We supply our raiders with feasts.
    [li]You are expected to know your class from the inside and outside. You need to know what ability you have binded to what keybinding and still move out of fire.
    [li]We run with loot council, we rather give an improvement to the guild than an individually small upgrade.[/ul]
    Requirements for joining

    [ul][li]You need to have the best available items in every slot the game has to offer. Or at least an indication that you are doing your best to achieve it.
    [li]Your attendance has to be at least 90%. This is required since we are going with a very tight roster and therefore the individual raid member has to show up.
    [li]You must be able to understand English; speaking English is a huge bonus. We use Ventrilo as communication tool.
    [li]You must be mature; we do not have an age requirement as we have seen people at the age of 16 being less dramatic than a 20 year old.[/ul]

    Currently we are recruiting the following classes:

    [ul][li]1 exceptional Warlock (able to play all specs)
    [li]1 Healer (Preferably a Holy Paladin)
    [li]1 Tank (with a DPS off-spec)[/ul]

    Even when your class or role is not listed in the above, you are still welcome to contact us. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players to fill our rosters.

    If you believe that you are one of the above feel free to contact us on

    Battletag: Mahogany#2294 - Mahogany (Mage, Guildleader)

    We don’t have a website as the only thing it is used for is to write wall of texts application that barely gets read. We much rather have a private conversation with the interested players on either Ventrilo or a simple text-conversation.
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    bump for this awesome guild!

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