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    how do you want pvpers to make money? I see my 150g repair bill after a day of bgs and can't afford it.
    How do PvE'rs make money? Unless their guild is very generous, it's not from running instances....
    Except that blue posts have stated multiple times over the course of years, that PvP does not affect armor durability.
    And yet, we get repair bills.
    We also don't get cash(50 copper doesn't count) and greens from dead bodies in PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kektonic View Post
    Haha at that tweet "Please stop wasting resources on side games and distractions. PvP brawler's pet battles. How many 5 mans with those hours?"

    Yeah because we obviously need more 5 mans to drive into the ground after 2 days once we've gotten any relevant upgrades from them and complain we're bored again right?
    Sadly this wouldnt be the case pre-LFD and something that GC acknowledged for their reason to moving to LFR.

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    whoa nice. I just hope i live to see it. Freaking titan runestones....

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    Suddenly, wannabe Tyraels everywhere.

    Can't wait for this shitty xpac to be over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djouga View Post
    Suddenly, wannabe Tyraels everywhere.

    Can't wait for this shitty xpac to be over.
    Just a question.
    Do you think its shitty because there is pandas?
    im guessing thats a yes? Because the expacs been much better compared to the mess cata was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnickKnack View Post
    And now all the legendary cloak whiners can now STFU.
    Sprinkling glitter on a turd doesn't change the fact that it's a turd.

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    As a ret pala I can say I HATE the melee dps cloak ..
    Quote Originally Posted by TCGamer View Post
    If I had the cash to pay a DDoSer, I would in a heartbeat. Especially with the way the anti-legacy crowd has been attacked by the pro-legacy crowd day in and day out.

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    Hope its a 'on pronc only' spell effect since it reminds me too much of korean sub par mmos.

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    I don't pvp but I really hate that bullshit "If tanks are having fun in pvp, we can't have that." So if I want to be beefier and little harder to take down and help keep attention off objectives/teammates, I can't because I'm a tank?

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    I like it. And I'm happy they went with something else being Legendary than just a weapon. It's always a weapon and there are other gear slots besides the weapon slot. I know a legendary weapon is the sexy choice, but I'm glad they didn't go that route.

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    I adore that crane effect, can't wait to see it live.

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    FML these effects are awful imo,hope you can hide them with hide cloak.

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    The question is, how many wings can pallies have with cloak, pally wings/glyphed, guardian spirit and leap of faith animation

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    i dont get why healers have chi-ji and ranged dps have yu'lon...

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    With the addition of a "wings" item WoW has finally completed it's transition into Korean grindfest mmo.

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    I love how the healer cloak effect has much less detail than the other three.

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    My brain hurts from reading these comments.... -_-

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    Cool HA!

    Quote Originally Posted by aycheff View Post
    My brain hurts from reading these comments.... -_-
    You and me both buddy...

    It's funny, this is the true look at "people fear change", Blizz went out on a Tweet or two and said they wanted to do something different from a Legendary Weapon.

    20,000 gold says that if it WAS Legendary Weapons, people would complain that Blizz didn't do something new...Guess people think being butthurt is cool.
    Maybe they're upset because mommy didn't bring them to Chuck E. Cheese's this week.

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    For the love of whatever, please make these legendary "wings" show in Moonkin form!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazia View Post
    For the love of whatever, please make these legendary "wings" show in Moonkin form!
    Don't forget Cats and Bears! While everyone else in my raid group gets a nice wing effect, I will get to see the same furry back I've had for years

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