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    I just started playing this season on my RDruid after taking a break from last season and I love healing on my druid right now only trouble I have is when you get caught in the open with elite gear ele lock combo that hurts haha

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    Healers are insanely effective right not, and have been getting steadily more so every expansion. If you like being influential without necessarily getting personal glory, then you would enjoy it. For those like me that only find fun and glory in killing, it will never be fun no matter how effective they are.

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    This is a weird one. I play a resto druid and played it to 2290 in RBGs, 1.9k in arena (I could never be bothered with arena until now and now I can't find partners). But anyway, it's pretty fun. Random BGs are rather boring because I consider myself better than the average player so there's never any intense moments. RBGs however, extremely fun unless they're running some stupid x2 hunter/x2 dk/x2 rogue comp -.-

    EDIT: Resto Druid healing vs DoT cleave teams is an amazing feeling. Your team won't die if you're good.
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    I enjoy having 3 people chasing me the entire length of a map and still take 3-4 minutes to kill me when cornered.
    I don't enjoy it when my team doesn't capitalize on the advantage.

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    Naw dude don't worry ur playing a resto druid you can just insta shift out of most crap, morph into this new shit looking travel form, just spam lifebloom and rejuv, and it gets them to full hp in like 2-3 ticks

    oh and they added this 50% passive -healing thing so it may be a bit difficult but honestly its easy as the guy said, make sure you que with competent dps

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    Can't stand healing in battlegrounds because I get completely focused, shut down and killed VS anyone with half a brain. I do love 2's though, although it's not a balanced bracket in the slightest I do find it somewhat fun, and that's what it's all about!
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