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    (resto) soul of the forest Lifebloom

    In the SotF vs Inc thread I read a little bit ago, I saw someone mention the idea of using SotF to apply a buffed LB early on, and then keeping it refreshed through casts, to have a buffed LB for a very long time.

    However, I thought that refreshing via a cast would be the same as reapplying the spell manually and would reset the haste on the spell? Unless the casted spell was a SotF buffed cast, which would be obviously impossible as LB would fall before you could get another SotF cast to refresh.

    So is it true? Can you cast to refresh and keep up a SotF buffed LB? Or am I correct in thinking that casting to refresh resets the LB haste and it would no longer be buffed?


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    Refreshing will update the haste value, but it was bugged so that SoTF didn't effect it at all unless the LB was placed on yourself.

    Can't confirm whether it's still the case as taking a break

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    You are correct and refreshing a SoTF hasted lifebloom will "reset" it to whatever your current haste value is.

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