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    Stick with my beloved Holy Pally in 5.4?

    Hello, i writing on here to show my concerns about holy paladin in 5.4 and if it is worth switching to my mistweaver monk for the next tier. I'm currently 1/13 HC in my 10m raiding group and i am loving healing as a holy pally. I love the everything about it and know my spec pretty well but i am concerned about how potent/enjoyable holy paladins will be in 5.4 regarding the changes to eternal flame "Mastery: Illuminated Healing no longer activates from periodic healing effects.". This is the change that bothers me, i love blanketing the raid in eternal flames and therefore shielding the entire raid and this makes up a vast majority of my healing. I understand why blizzard wants to make this change but honestly if this nerf does take place what are we going to spend our holy power on? We either get light of dawn which in my opinion is pretty weak or we get to spend it on eternal flames that don't shield which is a significant amount of healing. I believe our mastery is overpowered but we need some compensation if we're going to get this sort of nerf.

    Anyway my teams healing comp is currently Priest, Pally and shaman and i'm wondering if me changing to my mistweaver monk for the next tier would be a benefit to the raid group. My monk is currently around 500 item level and i can easily gear him by doing normal farm bosses. I enjoy mistweaver monk as a whole, maybe not as much as i enjoy paladin this tier but certainly more than my pally in t16 if the current changes are made. Would mistweaver monk work better than holy paladin in our healer comp in t16? or is it just worth sticking with the pally and hoping we get some sort of compensation for the huge nerf? I know my pally very well and learning mistweaver monk to the same standard for t16 will be challenging, but i think it may be worth it. Post your thoughts and idea's below Thanks

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    We cannot tell you what to play. Take a look at the various holy paladin threads already discussing your particular concerns and then visit the monk forums to decide for yourself.

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