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    Haste or Mastery for Elemental Shaman

    Hi folks, I am currently ilv529 with 31538 Spell Powers, 11390 Haste (33.14%) and 11651 Mastery (54.84%)

    I have been running several tests on simcraft, the result comes out Haste > Mastery.

    Should I lower my mastery for haste? I think I am able to reach 36-38% Haste.

    But the thing is with 4pc T15, the value of mastery has dramatically increase.

    I am so confused right now. How much haste or mastery do I actually needed?

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    Any armory links? Your best bet is to use ask mr robot to just adjust your gear by marginal amounts at a time and re-sim it to find the point that mastery = haste. tbh If you have the legendary meta or some sort of haste trinket, I would be surprised that haste sims higher than mastery, im finding with 9k haste, a haste trinket and the legendary meta im often at 1 - 1.2 second lava burst casts most the fight and mastery therefore gives much higher bursts and also getting more mastery procs gives more time off ascendance etc.
    Anyway in answer to your question as I said the best bet would be to just reforge a few pieces of gear to how it suggests and then resim it to find exactly how much haste it is for mastery to get stronger again

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    I am playing on chinese server, i know plenty of people cant read chinese here.

    Here is my armory's link:


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    Generally once you get the legendary meta haste will consistently sim higher until you find a good point of balance. I wouldn't worry too much about it currently since the difference is incredibly small (at your gear level it would be around 1k dps), but once you do get meta Bink's formula works really well to have them both at about the same priority:
    Haste until 4204 > Mastery = Haste above 4204 > Crit
    Mastery Target = ( H + M - 4204) / 2
    Haste Target = Mastery Target + 4204
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