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    Fix my... gear? lol

    Hey guys! So, I thought I was the shizznit at Elemental Shaman, but today after trying to get into a Heroic ToT, I was told my numbers are kind of low and that my reforging doesn't make sense. So I turn to you champions!

    Here is my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...B6lut/advanced

    Where am I going wrong? I was told I have really low mastery, but then others tell me to stack haste, so conflicting advice from all sides. I want to show my numbers but apparently I'm not even on world of logs =/.

    Any more you need I'll be happy to provide and all advice is welcomed.

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    well most likely some guy who just didn't want you in the run, your reforge seems fine since you are above hit cap even tho you have reforged everything away from hit thus leading your stats into what they are, not much choice about it, only choice is gems, which also look fine to me, enchants are fine, you are 520 ilvl so basicly your stats are what they are since your reforge is pretty optimized.

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    You arent using your JC gems as youre only lvl 400ish, so get that up aswell

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