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    And there's no reason not to use INC/CA on the pull, by saving it for the first Tears you are just going to make it less likely you have meta and both trinkets up when you dot them and you will be forced to waste some uptime on Starfall/Inc.
    This. Not to mention it's nice to have CA available going into p2 to ensure nature's grace on your hurricane, AND being able to CA dot both in p3 with lust/potion right away before TF and movement is nice.

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    All those tips helped me a lot!
    But still not downed:
    Tries from HC Twin Consorts.

    I got 30k DPS increase with those tips I got from here.
    Tuesday we'll try again.

    Any tips I can get more?

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    200k for phase 1 is not unrealistic, but like many others said it has to do with adjusting to the fight. Make sure you're dotting Suen and Lurkers but don't focus so much on the lurkers it takes away from your Lu'lin dps, just use them to game more starsurges. Also get some boe boots and you should be fine.

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    More DPS is better but this is not a DPS race. Do the mechanics correctly and don't die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddabear View Post
    More DPS is better but this is not a DPS race. Do the mechanics correctly and don't die.

    When it is being 3 healed it is absolutely a DPS race.

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    Worst case you could do the drawings if you feel you're holding your group back in DPS.

    As a boomie you're pretty self sufficient survivability wise. It's unlikely you'll die to bad luck while running to the statues.

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    Fyi, make a starsurge macro like I have and set lu'lin as your focus.

    #showtooltip Starsurge
    /cast [@target, exists, mod:shift][@focus, exists, harm, nomod] Starsurge; Starsurge

    This basically automatically casts your starsurges on your focus target, except when you press shift then it'll cast it at your current target. If you have no focus target, or if the focus target is friendly, it just casts it on your current target.

    It basically ensures all of your starsurges go to the priority target rather than useless adds (Like the Lurkers in this case) or for example on Council heroic, set Sul as your focus target, blow all your starsurges at him, and press shift for Loa spirits/twisted fates to spend your SS procs. Can also be handy if you want to scumbag ranks on Horridon, for example.

    I myself am on Twin Consorts heroic as well, and 200k is indeed not an insane expectation on this encounter, considering I'm mostly doing 170-210k dps (effective DPS would probably be along the lines of 160-180k) myself on the fight and I'm responsible for doing the drawings as well (Which is a stupid decision by my raid leader imho, since I'm one of our two highest DPSers on most fights)
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    Finally, yesterday we downed them!!
    Thank you very much for so much tips!!

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