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    if you hate level 1-89, you don't really love WoW, just end game activities

    I like PvP and raiding neither of which you can do until level 90 and seeing how end game is the only thing that matters in any MMO why should I care about leveling? Anyways finally got my DK to 90. All it took was some percocets. Next might be my shaman or Lock depending on which one looks most OP for PvP come 5.4

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    Hire a hitman to shoot you if you stop leveling alts.

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    Generally I just spec tank/healer and sit in a main city queueing for randoms to level my alts. My Brewmaster Monk is 71 now just chaining instances since 15, it's been like a week with like 15 hours played or something. If I get a long instance I've already done I just leave and log out for 30 minutes to wait out my debuff.

    Questing is absurdly boring and tedious, doing instances isn't too bad. And if you're a tank you can basically solo everything (at least I can on my Monk) so it doesn't matter much what your group is doing, and if you're a healer you can help do DPS since most DPS are terribad leveling up. If you happen to be playing a pure DPS class then find a friend to queue as a tank/healer haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    I love WoW but hate everything about levels 1-89. I only have one level 90 which sometimes I get bored of and want to make different classes. But every time I make a new class its fun until I hit around level 80 and then I just burn out and give up because exp gets so slow. I have 3 other classes ranging from 80-87 but just cant make myself quest anymore. How can I make myself finish leveling my alts? Its not that I hate the game and thats why I give up. Its because i detest the leveling process.
    Without trying to sound bleeding obvious, if you do not like doing something, how can the community convince you otherwise?

    Do not like it? Don't do it. Not having an alt is no big deal.

    I use to have two raiding characters. Now I only have one because I hate the grind and I also have an unlucky streak with meeting bad people in PUGs that I just do not bother running dungeons anymore. That is bad people as in people with obnoxious attitude. Bad players, skill wise with pleasant attitude I can handle. Elitist jerks I cannot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilly32 View Post
    and seeing how end game is the only thing that matters in any MMO why should I care about leveling?
    A great example of one of the core problems with this game, and how it's perceived by those who play it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    Hire a hitman to shoot you if you stop leveling alts.
    Can't stop laughing.
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    How can I force myself to level alts? ... This sounds really ridiculous to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon138 View Post
    Hire a hitman to shoot you if you stop leveling alts.
    I like how this one thinks.

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    You just get yo ass into it and do eet11!!!1!!1 That's what i did when i decided to level up another priest ^^ 1-90 in 2 days, hell yeaaa

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    I have about 15 lvl 90's, I try to be efficient when it comes to leveling, so I only play them at double exp and with full heirloom gear.

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    Get best gear possible, enchants maybe even Flask (more dps = faster leveling, less painful, atleast for me) & try different things, level a tank through instances only, maybe a healer too.
    Some class through bgs only (i personally got 2 chars to 88 with bgs only, just by doing them and not focusing on the leveling) I have 12 90s

    also get your favorite music rolling so you don't get bored as fast.

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    i have 6 at 90 now, which i've levelled through the call to arms bgs , give that a try ?

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    well, I currently have 9 90's / 1 85 / and a level 25 -

    I was motivated less by having alts, although that is a damn good reason, but more so having all the professions.

    I have all professions leveled to 600, and believe it or not, not many people have that acheiv. so its pretty cool in that regard.

    Unfortunately, i see my self leveling all my toons to 90 before MoP end, but as soon as the next xpan drops (burning legion????) i will shoot myself. I leveled all my toons before the great exp nerf, so it was hell. I wish they figure out what to do with alts sooner than they did in mists because it was implemented FAR too late imo.

    TL;DR - professions - you will never need anything again, and i make about 10-15k a day.
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    Think of leveling as a break from end game. Instead of rushing to the end, just do it when you feel like doing something else. It will get leveled.

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