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    (SPOILERS) 5.4 Sha of Pride Preview Video (PTR)

    Best attempt was around 36%. The burn phase starts a 30%.

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    If you wanna see it from a Demo Warlock PoV, no commentary over tho, pugged it to ~35% as well.

    Really bad MS due to US servers.

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    I realize it's the first testing phase, but how did the tuning seem ? As in were the wipes due to mechanics fails or ... ?
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    seems like another fight you want a dk to make the whole add killing much much easier zzzzz
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    You dont need a dk, just ranged who know how to interrupt. best for us was 1%

    Seemed pretty simple

    Stack with the gift
    stack for adds
    spread before they die
    Wait for prison >> dps take one tanks take other
    Off tank take the big add >> casters burn it down (Dont let it cast)


    If over 50% pride then dodge purple puddles unless there is a green arrow then you stack on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Zero View Post
    I realize it's the first testing phase, but how did the tuning seem ? As in were the wipes due to mechanics fails or ... ?
    For us the wipes were due to people fucking up. Even if it had Voice Communication, it was still a PuG. The "Gift" buff never applied to healers and at some point it didn't apply to anyone.
    The add spawns felt weird, the way it reads in the dungeon journal you would think that there are only 5 adds spawning at a time but it's actually 5+(1 for each 25 pride a player has). We had 5 adds first spawn, 7 adds 2nd spawn, 10 adds 3rd spaw, 4th spawn it got all weird: I am at 35 Pride (that would mean 2 adds should spawn on me) but I only got ONE add, we got a total of 15 adds and the 5th spawn had 20 adds.

    I died close to the end because I went for the buff stacking but there was someone that got to 75 Pride + Swelling Pride AoE (when the boss gets 100 energy). When that happened, the guy got an aura that: "Deals 150.000 shadow damage each 0.5 seconds and also gives everyone 5 pride each time it deals damage; 5yards range" so I basically forgot about it and leaped to my death.

    Tiz a fun fun fight tho for some reason.

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    Cool, this looks like a good fight. Been looking forwards to this one especially. Nice capstone to the first bit of the Siege raid and a cool counterpart to the Terrace of the Endless Spring, with a similar mechanic in both Pride and Fear.

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    Here is our kill, if you want to see the 2nd phase, which starts at 30%. Boomkin pov

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    That pride thing reminds me of Yogg-Saron's insanity stacks, and even the room itself is very Ulduar themed.

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