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    Hunter 5.4 PVP question

    How are hunters looking in 5.4 for PVP? I noticed some people talking about switching to MM but curious if they will still be strong or is the nerf to large? I am still fairly new to this game and like to mainly pvp but at same time I am curious on how the will hold up on PVE end also. Thanks for any input.

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    We just got a baseline interrupt at level 22. This will help a bit with some previous issues but there are many changes still in the works. Or so we hope. You can view all of the current changes to all classes here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/101..._Live-7_8_2013
    It's simply too soon to say stay BM or go MM. Hopefully both will be viable and as it looks, sustained dmg will be more of a hunter thing come 5.4 than the bursty 5.3. This may result in MM being favored, but again, too soon sir.

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