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    I've been wondering that too. I kind of miss his gloomy demeanor right about now. I figured he'd be around going "I told you so" like an old man, but he's nowhere to be seen =/.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaeth View Post
    I don't want to put words in their mouths (at least not to the obscene extent that you are), but I don't believe in the slightest that any of the players you mentioned hate the hunter class. They seem to enjoy it and are very passionate about it, which is why they hate what Blizzard is (or isn't) doing to it.

    Here we have a dps class that has scaled like shit and had balance issues for years, and the problem isn't even a very difficult one to solve, and the development team mostly ignores it, giving it attention occasionally only to put in a half-assed temporary fix that makes things even worse in the long run.
    This. For me, hunter was the first class I played and after years of playing with alts I've found that hunter is the class I enjoy the most because of the playstyle. However, that doesn't mean I'm not incensed at the way we've been treated by Blizzard, especially lately. They seem completely blind to the problems of the class despite non-stop complaints and suggestions from top hunter players. And sure, using the 'ignored child' excuse is all well and good but if anything that's just Blizzard creating it's own excuse. We've had plenty of people who started out reasonable and Blizzard just kept ignoring, of course they are going to get angrier and more belligerent. Then Blizzard's personal army says "Look at all the bad people, maybe if you guys were reasonable Blizz would listen".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracodraco View Post
    You've got to be kidding, right? Being "viable" weeks after the top end has done the progress means nothing. The only fights in the entire tier that hunters were sort of good for, was:

    WOTE (1 min CD on spark soaking).
    Vizier (heavy movement).
    Blade Lord (Heavy movement).
    Lei Shi (Heavy movement).

    That's it. FOr every other fight, hunters were absolute shit? Protectors? NVM; pet not affected by the dmg% buff. Tsulong? All other casters did far more dmg as they didn't have to rely on focus upkeep to burst down adds. Sha? Multidotters/AOE dream. Hunters were used as ball-bitches because of how Deterrence could block the emerge and did decent AOE to the adds, but lots of classes did far better.

    I could go on, but not really in the mood. Suffice to say, Hunters, before the buff they got in 5.1 (look it up - 100% serpent sting dmg etc) were utter shit.
    What's funny is we couldn't even do the 1 min spark soaking again with the nerf (slight buff for blizz LOL) of deterrence...
    I tweet every single day GC about that and he doesn't even bother responding...

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    They are never going to fix our scaling/dps.. all they care about is the representation of the class.. hunters do really good at low gear levels (lfr and normal mode heroes).. that is why there are so many huntards out there and they are all happy cuz they will never see scaling in effect (heroic gear/bis).. But if they were to suddenly fix our scaling, our initial dps would drop.. and that would force the huntards to reroll or quit.. And blizz doesn't want that.. so they're fine with keeping the top few percent of progression hunters unhappy and miserable (even if they do quit/reroll it wouldn't make the slightest difference in the bigger picture).. so long as the majority is happy..

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