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    Bahh, everyone about p2w and mounts. I burst into laughter at Dark Legacy Comics when she proposes to him !

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfyre27 View Post
    The funny thing is that's pretty much what they are offering. Technically speaking by offering to sell lesser charms they are by proxy offering to sell you the best gear in game. You can't truthfully say that they aren't. As I pointed out lesser charms lead to a chance at gear. For heroic raiders this means that you can technically speaking purchase thunderforged heroic items. Is it a sure thing you will get a thunderforged heroic item? no, but then you can therefore it is by proxy technically selling BiS gear and that you can't say it isn't.
    Since they'd be paying just to get their 3 Runes faster than other people that week, yes I can safely say it is not p2w to buy Charms. I don't care that Charms -> Runes -> Chance at HC Thunderforge items, so are the ones you get from dailies. If someone is willing to pay to skip the dailies, then they can do it. All they are getting for paying is lesser time spent getting runes. EVERYONE GETS THREE RUNES EVERY WEEK.

    As said, if they allowed you to gain more Runes per week, then we'd have a problem.
    Think for a moment before you jump to these ridiculous conclusions. Runes are capped, therefore the only thing you can earn by buying charms is time, not power.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shudder View Post
    Not sure if serious...
    So imagine you can pay to get gear off choose to get it that way...
    I mean you're still limited to just what ji-kun drops, just like everyone else that chose not to pay and went and got to him in game. If they let you somehow get more gear off ji-kun that everyone else then that would be a point? Yeah thought so.
    What are you even trying to argue? Paying to get runes faster is like paying to get an extra chance from a boss? Or are you comparing someone who paid for getting his runes versus someone who didn't get theirs at all? Zero sense.

    Think before you post.
    How ironic.
    I figured that buying charms can't be p2w since it doesn't allow you to gain more runes than anyone else that week. Paying for convenience, not power.

    This is the outcome if we are allowed to buy charms (we still don't know details but for now I'm going to go as if we could buy 50 charms for a set sum). Things that theoretically could come after, such as increased charms required for the weekly so people are more likely to pay, or any other conspiracy theory, isn't relevant:

    Player A doesn't want to pay for charms. He does his 20 dailies and gets the rest from other sources.
    He exchanges them for 3 Runes. The weekly maximum.
    Player B doesn't want to do his dailies. He pays [sum] to get 50 lesser charms.
    He exchanges them for 3 Runes.
    The weekly maximum.

    Player B did not buy character power. If anything he bought time and convenience.
    Case closed. It's not p2w, no matter how people want to twist and turn it, or speculate about lesser charms becoming harder to get just to boost sales.
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    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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