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    Moving Blizzard Unit Frames

    Hello everybody,
    I am playing WoW on two different computers (Desktop and Laptop) and have a problem with my unit frames (Blizzard standard). I moved them in the middle of the screen, which is my usual layout. On my laptop the menu (right clicking on my unit frames) does not have the option to move or even unlock the unit frame. So I can’t move them anywhere using my Laptop, whilst I can regularly move them on my Desktop-PC by right-clicking and using the menu. I can’t find any option, where I can make the frames moveable and am using the same add-ons on both computers. So I have no idea, what I am missing here and would appreciate any help!

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    There's an addon from curse called 'move anything' use that to move what you need

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    Quote Originally Posted by MickoLis View Post
    There's an addon from curse called 'move anything' use that to move what you need
    Thank you, I know 'move anything' but would prefer a solution, that I can use the Blizzard standard option to move my frames (I want to have as few addons as possible). Ther must be a way to change this, as it always works on my desktop.

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    there are scripts i guess. Google it

    MoveAnything is your best bet though, no idea why you would not use it when it does all you need.
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    Sounds like you need "MoveAnything"

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    The issue is that something is interfering with the default unitframes, and that is what they want a solution for.
    Try giving us a list of your addons, so we can try to narrow down potential culprits.


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