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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonheart327 View Post
    Pretty sure it would still be a Demon Hunter, y'know because it will be a called a Demon Hunter. ;p

    I'm pretty sure they could come up with new spells because the Lore has advanced since seeing Illidans demon hunter abilities in WC3 ;p

    So yeah, your point is invalid xD
    You'd get a clasd CALLED Demon Hunter.

    It wouldn't be the WOW style DH which players want and expect.

    So why do it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Haytham View Post
    Should never be a playable class.

    Game already has enough classes as it is. At most this would be ok as a hunter spec.
    I agree with this guy... IMO it will be a Hunter with Demon pets... I more want to see a ranged plate class (UH DK) And more things done with the classes we got
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    The Demon Hunter has become pretty iconic thanks to Illidan, if we never see it, I'll be surprised. Otherwise there is no reason to not add more classes, the more diversity that can be added the better. Furthermore blizzard should go back to their classes being more diverse, having every class with the same exact kit is pretty dull.
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    Didn't blizz say they use diablo and wow to test certain classes and see how they would work in each enviroment, and that's how we got monks in wow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Demon Hunters cannot be warlocks without changing the lore. Warlocks do it for personal power, Demon Hunters do it for vengeance.
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    I could imagine a Demon Hunter only as a new specialisation for the Warlock, maybe as a melee tank tree.
    Yet, new classes would be nice. Dark Ranger, Demon Hunter, Blademaster, Shadow Hunter, Witch Doctor. Problem is, that are a lot of classes. and we have a lot already. I am not a fan of the balance argument, but it has a point.

    I would like to see legendary quests, where you can merge your class into something little different.
    Let me take the Blademaster as example, because I am a BM Fanboy.
    Lets say Rogues, Warriors, Monks would be eligible for that quest. All are melees, all have some sort of the same attacks. All have a "bladestorm" attack.
    So, you get the quest, and go on a journey equal to the legendaryquestline on the live servers. You have to kill some mobs, bring some stuff, collect things. then you get you Sword, or Blade, maybe even an Axe, (Grom, as a Blademaster had one) And when you finished it, you get a transmog set for blademaster (the orbs around the neck (colour changeable?) the Flag (horde/alliance symbol(if alliance is eligible, mountain king could be mirrorclassquest) or guild symbol, and some of your spells change appearance, bladestorm, spinning crane kick and blade flurry would have the visual of the warcraft 3 bladestorm of the blademaster. With it comes a nice title, Blademaster XY.

    I am aware, that there needs to be more thinking for other classes so that we can have something for every class.

    the most realistic option would really be a transmog set for those hero classes, since it would be the easiest way. At least you can look like the class you want to play. Transmog offers such a solution, so lets hope we get at least some transmog sets.

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    So, much hate. Let me remind everyone here that playable Pandaren started out as a joke, and yet here we are with an entire expansion centered around their homeland.

    What niche could they fill? Perhaps another class that can use polearms and other two handed weapons. Only have 3 classes that use them, compared to other weapons. Perhaps a cloth tank (a la warlock "tanking")? Perhaps a cloth melee dps?

    And to rebuttal the idea that the game already has 11 classes and 34 specs, that are unbalanced. So what? The game was intended to be fun. Raiding and pvp are supposed to be fun. Certain classes being OP are what people recall and reminisce the most about anyway. Rogues and 3minute mages from Vanilla? Lolret? So, screw it we know blizzard does their best to balance classes, but it's impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vellerix View Post
    Ok that blood elf demon hunter just looks much too badass.
    Agreed. I would make a mess if that form was like their tanking or dps form. A REALLY big mess indeed.

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