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    Spam lance

    Before anybody claims this is a qq thread because i just got my ass handed to me in a bg or whatnot, i can assure you while this post is not qq i have always since its introduction hated the spell ice lance.
    Now i've been crit numerous times on my fully geared paladin for around 60k by ice lance, and it can be spammed because its instant cast, with no cd (i've very often played against mages who just jump around spamming this and still do shed loads of damage).

    Ice Lance damage has been increased by 29%.

    And now its getting buffed. Again i want to say this isnt a rage, but can somebody explain to me the justification behind this change, is it a required PvE buff? Overkill? Just how much do mages rely on ice lance these days.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    You should really read all the changes before making assumptions. Ice Lance's damage has been increased because they have reworked Frost's mastery.

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    1. It's PTR and in no way final
    2. Look at ALL the changes and not only the damage buffs, understand how the class works and then qq

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    Ice Lance damage is increase because mages lost their current mastery which nerfs not only Ice Lance damage but all damage on frozen targets.

    Please for the love of god, people should stop taking changes out of context to complain about it. Just don't do it.
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    Please, don't feed the troll.~

    Lock? @Shangalar

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