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    LFR horrible experience

    Just recently quit wow.

    I want to go lfr with 2 of my classes (both dps) and I need wait 40min per day just to enter 2 raid.

    Why can't they make 3 healers to raid max and make system where mana cost is 2x less in current raid.

    I'm tired of constantly waiting in que.

    What I do this 20 minutes? doing boring dailies 1 shotting everything in path?

    Also LFR is boring in itself. You are with bounch of brainless people who don't know what to do. They are adjusted way too easy too.

    This game is not for casual gamers because I can't play 4x4hours/week

    I'm playing path of exile atm and I'm having fun with fun ladders. At least I can die there unlike in wow where you quest and 1 shot every mob in path playing 1-90 or doing boring dailies. I also don't have to play 40 minutes to play game. I can log 2 hours and log off while having blast.

    I'm not mocking blizzard though, it's just designed for big guilds only. Might aswell do it like they did in burning crusade to please them more.
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    You are a Troll. No more no less. The game is not for you, and we dont Care.

    You might find that games like guitar hero is giving you the instant gratification you so obviosly desire.

    Infracted. Don't post solely to call people trolls
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    And yet Path of Exile is not what most would consider "casual", if you manage to get to "end game" at level 60 ish and do maps and farm you can be there for a very long time never mind a death and A. loosing the character, or B. loosing exp(several hours worth)
    Unfortunately most online games are like that...sit about waiting or grinding until you get to do something, the difference is if you enjoy it or not and only 2 games manage this Path of Exile and Tera(though only just)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syldarin View Post
    You are a Troll. No more no less. The game is not for you, and we dont Care.
    says the troll...good job

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    I challange you to go BM/1hour solo: Try rush things and see how well it will goes. See it on their website.

    Also I don't play it for competition. I will get there eventually. I got 50 in hc. atm I have same chance of dying as everyone else. If I die I die, but at least I'm not rolling my face around keyboard like in wow as casual gamer.
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    "I Quit!" threads aren't allowed here. In the end there isn't anything to discuss about your personal decision to leave the game.

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