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    Switching from 10 to 25 man Heroic

    Hey guys,

    as the title states, I will be switching from 10man heroic to 25man heroic and would like some advice to accomodate the change. I understand the healing style is different. In your advice please be sure to include any relevant information such as spirit, mastery, haste or any other stat numbers or gearing instructions and any tips you would like to include about about any fights in particular or even in general. Also note my current progression is 11/13 HM with P2 intermissions on LS. THe guild I will be joining is already 13/13H.

    This is my current armory:


    Note: I do have 543 Mastery gloves off Durumu as opposed to running 4pc t15.


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    Not much changes from 10 to 25man for us. You'll probably find yourself throwing out more HR on melee/ranged clusters. You will have to pay less attention to tanks directly in 25m, as there are more smart heals/hots on them (if you were mostly 2 healing in 10m especially).

    Beacon overhealing is enormous enough without the 4P so I would use the Durumu gloves.

    If the guild you're joining has resto shaman(s) then you could afford to drop spirit.
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