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    some questions about classes in 5.4

    Hiya Guys, so i have a couple questions about some of the classes i play, and how they are gonna be in patch 5.4....as i have not really done any testing at all on the ptr, i thought i'd just ask here, and see what you fine people on the MMO-C forums think.

    the 3 classes, i'm currently wondering about is, Ret pally, DK and spriest. as those tend to be the 3 classes that i like pvping and playing the most, two of which are my respective mains (the ret and the spriest...if the sig didn't give that away :P)...but i havn't really done any competitive pvp (mainly arenas...i only rbg once in a blue moon) since cata.

    So, in yall's opnion how are:

    DKs in 5.4 with respect to how they are on live?
    Rets in 5.4 with respect to how they are on live?
    Spriests in 5.4 with respect to how they are on live?

    Thanks for the feedback
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    You best bet is to create/or find a existing class 5.4 thread to pose your question. It will likely receive a better response, more geared to what you are looking for.

    The probability of finding someone that has the knowledge of each of the classes you mentioned, that has played on the PTR, is slim to none.

    from what I hear, from the 3 classes you listed, Ret is going to be FoTM.
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