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    At higher gear levels Haste is better for RPS than Crit. Arielle already explained why so I'll leave it at that.
    Its currently not possible to reach that point even in complet heroic tf upgraded gear you get about 73% crit.

    If you have the 600 cloak and you are able to kill Primordius with your guild on heroic than your gear should be at a lvl were bloodlust is slightly better than RoR.
    Until than RoR is by far the best trinket for dps and rps. even if you go over 104% crit you still gain more rage than with bloodlust. But again in 10m RoR is better cause you gain so much dmg from it, and the extra rage bloodlust will give you is really minor and not noticeable.

    Plus if you're tanking something with an extremely hard hitting ability (Horridon's Triple Pincture for example) having a Reorigination proc makes you far squishier than normal.
    The extra dmg you will take is about 3% when reforged to haste and 4.2 when reforged to mastery with my gear. Had one time I died due to RoR proc, I got overkilled with 3k dmg from jikun but normally I would ahve used Barkskin at that point but I messed up. #

    Out of 1000 procs 10 might kill you and for 8-9 you usually have a cooldown running( I dont think anyone gambles their cooldowns and dont use one cause you will survive with 10-20k hp) and you will die once cause you messed up or had no cooldown, or got really really bad RNG on horridon last phase with direcall 5 stacked TP and no SD or T&C up and didnt doger 3 strikes in a row and didnt have an own or external cooldown running.

    When you have the gear to get rid of RoR, you will also have enough gear this tier to keep RoR and use the extra dmg from it.
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