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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    This is a very rough preview, check back later for a nicer one.
    Disclaimer and all. That said, all I can say about this tier set is "what is this, I don't even..." Seriously, anyone have a clue what the idea/theme/whatever is supposed to be here? 'Cause I'm not seeing it and it seems that I'll be farming the PvP version once 5.4 is out.

    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    Item - Shaman T16 Restoration 2P Bonus When Earth Shield heals a target, the target will gain 100% 300% of the amount healed as an absorb.

    Much less lol-worthy, thank goodness. Still doesn't change the problem that absorbs have become this expansion.

    Quote Originally Posted by WaddlezSparx View Post
    However, they can always pull a Halion (albeit, that was not Tier).
    However, they can always pull a Halion
    pull a Halion
    O_O ... -_- ... @[email protected]

    So many bad memories of that guy (especially how the raid release was handled). :X
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noix View Post
    Spirit of War = Spirit of harm ... as in now we gonna farm spirit of war instead of Spirit of harm? kinda lost on that 1
    It's most likely the new Blood SPIRIT or Haunting SPIRIT

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    'Dat Corgi. Definitely want one!

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    I GOTTA have that Corgi, fucking awesome!

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    Seems like blizzard has forgotten what class goes with which set... shaman tier looks like a mage set. Doesn't look like mail at all, seems like a cloth/plate hybrid. But lately, everything that ISN'T cloth or plate... looks like cloth or plate. So w/e.

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    Want that Corgi!

    Also, finally Blizzard managed to create a BEAST tier for Shaman. Yay!

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    Wow that Wrathion audio was epic! I loved it!

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    Shaman T16 looks neat actually.
    On another note...

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    They had me at Prideful Gladiator's Tabard. OM NOM want to return right meow...but my arena partner was banned :'(

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    Take away interrupt from all hunters and make marks specific.
    Give all hunters slightly different interrupt.

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    Outfits for companions? What whaaat? I'm so excited, my boyfriend won't let me dress our actual dogs lol. I am wondering if they are an addition to the new item shop.

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    Eeeee! Corgi!
    Also, I love everything about that Wrathion audio. Everything. So perfect. If anyone thought that Wrathion wasn't playing both sides, they're fools. I just didn't expect that his plan was for the Alliance to completely conquer the Horde. (nevah!) But it's such a black dragon move, I don't know why I didn't see it. ("like Auntie Onyxia"! <3) I love how he loses his cool and throws a tantrum. Then when he gets great wisdom from the previously silent Tong, "You are just a waiter!" I literally barked out a laugh so loud it woke my roommate from two rooms away. And then to top it off with Tong, "He left no tip. He is not nice." Oh my god, I think I died.

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    Surprised no one has mentioned the "XP" icon yet. Seems to confirm the XP Potion thing for our region (or do they always put in content world-wide just in case?).

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    CORGIS!! I must have it.


    "Glyph of Unending Resolve (NYI) - The damage reduction of Unending Resolve is reduced by 20%, but the cooldown is reduced by 60,000 sec."

    Didn't know the cooldown for the spell was that long. 16 hours was a bit overkill though huh

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    Quote Originally Posted by smoqueed View Post
    A heavenly gold cloud serpent mount? Hoping thats the H Garrosh Drop.
    Thatd be so disappointing. Hey guys, heroic only boss.
    You get a..

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    Annnnnnnnnnnd ... nothing changes. I don't like criticizing Blizz because their job sucks ... but judging from the Wrathion audio ... nothing will change. No new faction, no unification of the current factions, and all over Wrathion's maneuvering and whatnot meant precisely shit. The story will continue the same as it always has in the next expansion.

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    The wife and I will re-sub the second we learn how to obtain that Corgi. He looks almost exactly like our Maximus.

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    1 week later after realise of patch: Corgi is now a blizzard store pet (blizzard evil laugh)

    Glyph of Improved Distraction (NYI) - Distract now summons a decoy at the target location.
    This will be such a good pvp speel. Some stupid mage will probaly try to sheep it.

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    That corgi looks unfinished as fek O.o I sure hope it gets a bit of a touch up because the pug model (which is older!) has more feel and polygons than this corgi model. The ears, the paws, the empty eyes, the snout... really hope this is a work in progress or else I'll be a sad puppy

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    :O What happened to the Chain Heal change?

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