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    This set looks.. not Shammique. I like it, but just not for us.

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    Meh, I'd give it a 5/10 it certainly looks good, but it does not look like a shaman set really. That being said for non-troll shamans it is the best in MoP imo
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    I seriously can't tell if i love it or if it's meh...
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    Man doesn't look like a shaman at all. I hope they don't use this for shaman.

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    I love it! Not the most shaman looking thing we have had but I do still like it.

    If memory serves me right monk is the last set yet to be revealed.

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    The shoulders are pretty cool, but no! The set with the wolf head looked so much better for a shaman!
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    A bit disappointing, I was hoping they would use the Dark Shaman armor from the SoO bosses

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    Wow, seems...fascinating!

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    The whole theme has nothing to do with shamans or the elements.

    The whole set has too much gray color.

    The helm is horrible.


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    I actually really, really adore how this set looks! Even if it doesn't look hugely "Shammy," I think it still looks pretty badass.

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    I like it a lot actually - the greenish normal mode set in particular.

    I hate all the ugly tribal looking sets. They pretty much scream Horde, and this one doesn't so \o/

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    Quote Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
    I seriously can't tell if i love it or if it's meh...
    That's exactly how I feel about it. Perhaps like.. improve the helmet a little bit? Then it'll look better?

    Not sure.
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    Hmm looking less like a shaman and more like a monk every minute =o

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    Wish they would atleast show it on a shammy race. Might look way different on an orc.
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    IDK i love this set personally, but i do also think it's somewhat mage/ulduar-ish type gear.. overall i think it's the best of all tiers made thus far (tier 16 tiers not just shaman tiers)

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    I like it nice water theme

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    Looks pretty cool, even tough it feels a bit to much arcane more fitting for a mage I think
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    I will wait to see it on a shaman race before taking decisions on wether I'll transmog it or not...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMcNinja View Post
    Well, class themes have died with MoP. These days they are always based on a different theme.
    It has been like this since WotLK.

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    man those look fine as hell!

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