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    Alternate Realities of Azeroth

    What if the bronze dragonflight were able not only to go back in time, but go back to a pivotal point in history and continue into an alternate timeline and back without destroying the present. We saw an alternate future of Azeroth’s destruction in the Caverns of Time but that is not the only time when Azeroth could have been changed forever.

    In “Day of the Dragon” the Dragon Soul was destroyed however we went into the past and brought it back (Paradox I know but…. Magic fixes physics.) Before that they leaped forward into a future that never existed, because we killed Deathwing in the End and he didn’t die impaled on Wyrmrest (meaning it was an Alternate future reality.) What if we could experience more of these worst-case scenarios future’s as part of our hero training.

    What would we do there…. Survive.

    Visions of Alternate Azeroths:

    1) Demonic West Vs Undead East. Grom Hellscream kills Thrall in a battle and the Fellwood and Ashenvale remains under the Legion’s Control. With the Horde now pulled into the Legion under Mannorth Kalimdor falls completely to the Legion. However with his original task completed Arthas returns to the Eastern Kingdoms and they all fall to the scourge, however Arthas hears the call of the Lich King and with his undead Kings and Ranger Generals etc. at his command leads the Scourge in a never-ending campaign against the Legion for Supremacy over the Cosmos.

    2) The Titans never found Azeroth. The landscape looks like the Zerglike creep. The surface is a mix between jungle and volcano and life is sparse Insectoid like life is everywhere. The Old Gods are still at War with each other using Silthid, Nerubians, Mantid and new kinds of Anthropod armies carve out an empire to their overlords. The narrow chance at victory though titanic intervention never came and the lesser races were nearly irradicated. The War between C’thun and Yogg Saron as continued for millennia is carried out by their servants, the Silthid and the Nerubians. However they are constantly searching for a way to reach the stars.

    3) Azshara was never able to abuse the powers of the Well of Eternity causing the Sundering. Malygos “puts a tap” on the Well of Eternity thus limitng the attention it would draw from the Legion and Azshara was never seduced by Sargeras. Azeroth is divided between King Rastikhan’s Zandalri Empire and Azshara’s Kingdom. Despite the Dragonflights influence both sides begin to delve into Titan technology in order to achieve global supremacy creating stockpile magical weapons of mass destruction in order to “maintain” peace. What follows is an Arms race that pushes both sides to the peak of magical perfection. The Titans are pleased yet soon find that their pet project may have gotten out of hand too soon and re-origination may be necessary. It is these weapons that also create fear and intrigue within the Legion as they keep their distance and wait for the inevitable to happen lest the weapons be aimed at them.

    I got a little lost in this idea so I had to stop here and wait for feedback. Not sure if I explained why these alternate realities are important lessons of the past but the world reshaped by one event was what I was going for. Anyway, what do you think?
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    #1 sounds like an amazing book idea honestly.
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    I had an alternate history of WoW worked out once. It went roughly like this.


    Before the start of WoW, but after WC3, Onyxia has an idea. She manages to murder Jaina and make it look like the Horde did it. She uses her human disguise to start a war with the Horde over this (and no Jaina to be a voice of peace) and the Alliance overwhelms and destroys the young, weak Horde before it can begin. The orcs, trolls and tauren never reform into a unified nation or found major cities, existing as scattered tribes. They have no further effect on world events.

    With no obvious major enemy to keep them united, Onyxia finds it easy to unravel the Alliance, the nations quickly going their separate ways. The night elves readopt a policy of isolationism, and never notice the silithid until it is too late, the bugs in solid control of the southern third of Kalimdor. The night elves find themselves going it alone, with no support from the Eastern Kingdoms.

    With no Horde to distract them, Stormwind devotes itself to the purging the forsaken. Their unified military pushes until it's on the border of Trisfal Glades, having retaken Hillsbrad and Silverpine. Sensing that the forsaken have lost faith in Sylvanas, Varimarthas makes his move. They depose Sylvanas several years early, and Stormwind's forces retreat in disarray as a demonic army suddenly appears from nowhere. They rally at South Shore but get no reinforcements, the Dark Portal has opened! Stormwind can't handle a two-front war of this magnitude alone, but quickly mobilized Ironforge help doesn't arrive in time. The forces at South Shore make their final stand and die heroicly, but fail to halt the demonic advance. Ironforge destroys what's left of the Thandol Span to buy time. Demons rampage all across Duskwood and Westfall.

    Sensing his hated enemies to the south, the Lich King attacks early, raising the heaps of dead as soldiers. Pressed by overwhelming forces on all sides, the humans and dwarves fall back to Stormwind and Ironforge, seeking only to endure and outlast the demons and undead. Everything outside these two citadels is abandonded and soon destroyed.

    During all this mess, the Old Gods wake up smoothly, with no adventurers to stop them before they get started. Algalon manages to send off a distress signal even as Yogg-Saron rends him to peices. In a few short years every mortal on Azeroth meets their end as Old Gods and Titans clash once again.


    The whole idea hinges on the idea that it took the combined strength of the Horde and Alliance to survive all these events, and the world couldn't handle it after Onyxia cleverly destroyed half that strength before it could take root.

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    Could be a potential expansion. It could always have the angle that unless we stop these events in a parallel reality our world could get ripped apart. Perhaps someone in their reality found a way to merge both realities. All things work in theory Not sure how it could all work out but I always loved the caverns of time dungeons and raids. Would be sweet to see more.

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    I once wrote up a story where Muradin clocked Arthas from behind before he could take hold of Frostmourne and took it up himself.

    Arthas, abandoned by Frostmourne's corrupting whispers, redeemed himself and eventually became King Arthas of Lordaeron, the last surviving human kingdom. Allied with King Kael'thas of Quel'danas, they are pitted in a war against The Forgotten, a group of renegade Undead led by Jaina Proudemoore that threw off the control of Muradin, the Lich King. The Lich King's domain is in the ruins of Old Ironforge, with the remnants of the dwarven clan having evacuated to Dark Iron holdings, led by Queen Moira.

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    As awesome as the first idea is, Arthas and the Scourge (even with the entire Eastern Kingdoms under his reign) vs. the Legion would not end well for him. Be an awesome battle to watch unfold however.

    And think of how fun it would be to play an expansion with new classes and races based on this premise.

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    Any of these would be a really cool expansion idea.

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    The Scourge was just a pawn of the Legion, in a straight up fight Arthas would be obliterated.
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    Ah, love these threads, what if scenarios of wow lore.
    One my what if scenarios..
    As what if Illidan was successful in killing the Lich King?
    Or at least did not go insane after his defeat in Northrend, and was more proactive on Outlands, beyond remaking fel orcs, what if he, Kael, and Vashj made up a faction of misfits and anti-heros, seeking independence, from azeroth and the legion itself. Outlands would be very different place.

    What if bands of demons, were not demons but titan constructs/ primal races merely wanting independence from their meddling. After working on the green fire quest, it makes me really wonder more about the titans and these demons, how'd they come to be and exist? Or are they just another by product of worlds tainted with Old gods?

    What if Mogu, stumbled upon fel magic, and had established contact with the Legion, after their Titan master fell silent, think they would be convinced?

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    After playing Bioshock infinate, this would've been awesome.
    Expecialy after Prince Melchazar's "all the realities, all dimensions are opened to me" talk, Karazan could be used as a gateway ("There's always lighthouse."), so if he's the Lutece Twins of WoW, he mite actually still be alive.

    p.s: regarding the dragon soul withdrawn from original timeline, it's likely that it was returned back after the DS events.
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    Expecialy after Prince Melchazar's "all the realities, all dimensions are opened to me" talk
    I was reeeaaalllllyyy hoping they would work Malch in to SoO ... or even afterward ... with him grabbing Gorehowl and popping back in time, explaining in full canon how he had/has it in Kara in the past at the same time it was in (I forget, Garrosh or Thrall)'s hands.
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