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    Where is the corgi from!??! I must have it!

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    You know what happened when i started playing in TBC in 2.1 and rolled ret as my first char? Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret You know what i was saying in a few months? Lol hows kara? Then I cleared BT/SW while they followed behind me sniffing my gloriously rosey turds.

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    Your avatar is very appropriate for the situation.

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    Last time I saw that was outside the cave of the Greench during Winter Veil. He's pushed up under the tree. I have a screenie stashed somewhere, but that model looked like a wind-up toy, he even had the key in his back. This one lacks that. I will throw money at the damn pet store if that becomes a thing.

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    Its face looks very... porcelain. ¬_¬

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelkath View Post
    Your avatar is very appropriate for the situation.
    I agree with this statement.

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    War corgi is best pet!!!
    Every time I think i'm done with you WoW you just drag me back in...

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    Given that it has a spiky metal harness, I'm gonna speculate wildly and toss out that it's Thrall 2.0's pet lol. (and I'm gonna steal it and run as fast as I can)

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    Blizzard Store.

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    Yeah, probably in-game store. Hopefully obtainable by other means but i doubt it

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    Where is the corgi from!??! I must have it!

    This! Squee!
    Normal is the name for the mental disorder present in the majority of humanity.

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    Mm, it's either Winter Veil 2013 like the other items like the turtle mount seems to be, or then pet store.

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    so adorable!!!

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    never mind the looks. hopefully its just a test skin for the 3d model.

    Did anyone notice the fashion items for our perky pug? a pink bow, a gentlemen suit and hat, etc etc!

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