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    It took me around 15 attempts as retry paladin. I think it had a 50% failure rate cause I failed to clear the adds when he clones himself and the other 50% caused by me being hit with his 180º AoE when I was clearly out of the area.
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    It took me several attempts and a lot of frustration before I finally completed it. The best advice i can give you is to remain calm and patient during the encounter. There is no enrage timer (as far as I know) so focus on saving your cooldowns, both defensive and offensive, only when you absolutely need them instead of blowing them randomly; even if that means you go for long periods not dealing much damage. Some people have had luck completely overpowering the encounter quickly, others have done it by taking it slow.

    Also, look up YouTube videos and search the forums for any guides or tips specific to the tanking encounter. That's what I did and most of the information was invaluable. I wish I could provide you with more specific information but I did the caster DPS version. Good luck and really, don't give up.

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    Oh boy. I had so much trouble with the dps fight but after 4-5 hours of trying I finally got him down. Those blob adds suck, two-four hits I die. Once I got past the mirror image part, he went down pretty easily. I was so damn happy
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    You shouldn't be that aggressive. Shit happens and it happens often: during the dps challenge, i died with Wrathion at 50k. Just keep doing it, bring flasks, scrolls and food along, and you will eventually get it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omnink View Post
    Those blob adds suck, two-four hits I die. Once I got past the mirror image part, he went down pretty easily. I was so damn happy
    This, once I started using shrooms to get rid of images on my boomkin, I one-shot it.

    Also healer challenge was pretty easy as disc priest for some reason.

    Tank challenge by far the easiest, you can even get timewarp from Snow Blossom.

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    the ranged one was bit too easy, although I did do it in ilvl 545, whole encounter lasted below 25 seconds -.-

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    Did the DPS one with no idea what to expect. One shot, even though it was sloppy. Then did the tank one for funsies. That one I had to try again, because I let one too many of the elementium bolts hit Wrathion and then didn't taunt fast enough toward the end. Still easy.

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    sorry you can't AFK through this part

    best legendaries ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cherrypowdah View Post
    the ranged one was bit too easy, although I did do it in ilvl 545, whole encounter lasted below 25 seconds -.-
    did you even see the part where he splits into clones etc? i didn't
    520ish ele shaman. got one set of oozes and that was it.

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    Stun the boss when he does a major attack. Talent into the 30 second HoJ cooldown. Taunt him immediately when he fixates Wrathion. Keep SS up all the time.
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    did both the dps enhance shammy one and restro shammy as, 533/519
    took 3x for enhance and about 2 for the healing.
    died mostly cause I spent too much time wondering wtf was happening with the clones.

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    I finished the Tank one as my 504 iLvl DK on the second attempt.
    use consumables, time your CDs properly, and keep moving.

    Control it as much as you can. Talent for shorter HoJ. etc.

    It's one of those rare things in WoW that still requires a little bit of effort.

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    I badly struggled on the DPS Challenge as a Frost Death Knight...couldn't even get Warthion down to 50% health, amount of adds and damage I was taking was horrible.
    So I decided to do the Tank Challenge as my Blood Offspec...had a mixture of 522 and 502 Tank gear.
    Funny thing was, completed the Tank Challenge on the first go. Saved Wrathion with about 30% health left.
    I found it easy, a piece of cake compared to the DPS Challenge. But maybe its my class? Blood DKs are easy Tanks afterall...

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    Blizzard is 100% gonna nerf it because legandary is for everyone and baddies will flood the forum with QQ

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    Eesh, it was near impossible to complete for me as an ilevel 510 survival hunter. The coin does nothing for hunters at the ranged dps challenge either. It gives intelligence, wohoo!

    The challenge of this encounter depends in part on item level, I think. Which is too bad.
    I get that it should be hard, but by the comments in this thread, these challenges are easily soloed by some, and next to impossible for others.
    I really think they should do the Challenge Mode thing and normalize the encounter for everyone. Make it a horrible struggle for everyone, regardless of item level.

    Though perhaps slightly less horrible than it is for hunters of low item level, sheesh. I'm sure it'll be a ton easier on my mage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greed001 View Post
    The tank challenge is pretty close to the most trivial challenge. Throwing your body into bolts, taunt when the screen says taunt, interrupt when it says interrupt.

    Pretty sure it's doable in quest greens.
    That is simply not true. Even if you avoid all the avoidable stuff, unless you are pushing 530 ilvl.. you are getting beat down pretty good... But the really hard part is your goal is to keep an NPC alive.. and NPCs have NO brains. There are two major AOE attacks as well as oozes that spawn. The hardest part isn´t necessarily just keeping yourself alive, it is making sure things are lined up so your dumb NPC stays out of crap.

    I am ilvl 520, and you get beat up a lot doing the quest. There is a lot of unavoidable damage, and a lot of ´avoidable´ damage you end up eating to keep your NPC alive.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think these fights depend a lot on gear and ping. They are also easy to be bad at. The tank one was not overly difficult, but I was sweating a lot of times below 100k health ( ilvl 520ish). I didn´t go into it knowing anything about the encounter.. but it is pretty basic stuff. The adds took some time to figure out.... aoe them down, cc them.

    Also, the encounters seem to be very RNG. On two attempts, you may get fairly different times for when stuff happens.

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    I would like to follow up my post, tried the Shado Pan Assistant method, worked great. I got Yalia, the healer, and I lost Wrathion a few times while boss was less than 20%. Usually on the third split-shoot phase. Then I noticed that I was finishing the meteor shower phase with nearly full health. I decided to stop running for the next one, to see what happens. Yalia can heal me for more than the damage it does. I lost Wrathion again, but the next time I got it (let's call it a one-shot, despite how many times I died previously).

    During the meteor shower, Deathwing isn't doing much, and he's not going after Wrathion. This is the perfect phase to just pop DPS cooldowns and go to town on him. I only saw one split-shoot phase in that fight, and that made all the difference. For reference, i'm ilvl 521 (or I was, before I got my cloak!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rethul Ur No View Post
    Just did the Ranged DPS one as a Warlock. Goes without saying that it's a little easier for us, and it wasn't much of an issue, but whenever they use that ground-cloud conical shockwave effect, it's been totally unreliable pretty much all expac. The Mogu rares that use an ability like that are totally fucked up as well. You have to give yourself plenty of breathing room beyond the graphical effect and hope for the best.

    Just a mild annoyance.
    Agreed. Compared to Kanrethad, this was so easy.

    Some help for the OP (If someone hadn't say this already), you can buy an item from the August Celestials quartermaster that gives you a buff at every temple. Might give you the edge you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrazyK923 View Post
    Agreed. Compared to Kanrethad, this was so easy.

    Some help for the OP (If someone hadn't say this already), you can buy an item from the August Celestials quartermaster that gives you a buff at every temple. Might give you the edge you need.
    Well, they were able to tailor Kanrethad perfectly to the skillset of warlocks. With Wrathion they had to take the lowest common denominator of abilities every class can deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sibut View Post
    Fuck this quest.

    Sure, flame me, call me a nub, whatever. I've been working on the quest for the past 3 hours, and I constantly die sub 25%. I'm doing the tank one, as a 510+ prot paladin, and it's just infuriating. Whatever the ability is that does that frontal aoe never seems to actually go where the ground effects say. I can be 10 yards behind him, out of it, and still get hit. The last attempt I did was a 15% wipe. I was doing everything perfectly and got hit for 200k by that aoe and that was that. I don't have a problem with quests being hard, (Although I'm sure some of you will be all LOLOLOLEZMODEURBAD) I really enjoyed the legendary dagger questline in Cata and I felt like it made me improve as a rogue, and most of the time if I screwed up there it was frustrating but I could see that it was my fault. Here, I feel like I'm failing through really no fault of my own. I've tried adjusting my graphic settings, no dice. My ms is constantly under 100, and I'm well out of the zone before the damage lands and his cast ends. if you have any suggestions or want to make fun of me.
    Make sure to stun him on CD and use WoG when you have the 5 stacks of bastion buff. With those, SoI, and CD usage, you should be able to stay topped off pretty well.

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