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    10m Normal tanking balance haste/mastery question

    So I'm a couple weeks into tanking with my dk, got a few things worked out and still working on a few more gear wise thanks to the help from here. I keep seeing 10m haste recommendations and I'm wondering if there is a preferred level at which you feel safe going haste after mastery? I have a lot to still work on I know, but I want to look into this path of more haste to see how it affects my group. I run with a bear tank so symb for the extra CD is nice, my healers are competent so I'm not worried about my spikes for the most part cause I've learned more cd rotations for bosses and they are good about knowing when damage spikes will happen.


    174.32% mastery ub, I get up to 200% with raid buffs, I know my gearing is rough right now but I was thrown into tanking with crappy dps gear a few weeks ago and this is the best I got right now while we push to 12/12 hopefully soon.

    Back to my question, I know values are "preferred", but could I drop like 20-30% mastery for haste and be fine?

    thank you in advance.

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    Sure you can get more haste...
    but first fix those reforges on your legs and gloves - seems like you forcibly want to stay at exactly 7.5 exp and at the same time waste mastery because you reforge the lower stat (exp) rather than the higher stat to mastery. Also exp hardcap is still better than avoidance...
    And replace Stoneskin Gargoyle with Fallen Crusader.
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    I am in a similar boat. Recently returned to the game after taking a break when MOP was released and have noticed a lot of Blood DKs picking up haste. I am still working on my gear while running with a 10 man grp that clear 12/12 each week and will be moving into a group with a few heroics already down and working on new ones. As of now I am making sure I am hit/exp capped and then picking up haste when I can but never taking haste over mastery on any pieces.

    I have seen a lot of posts by Nillo and just wanted to throw my armory in here to see if you had any suggestions.


    I do intend to put fallen crusader on my weapon could have sworn I did it last night. I was running SSG just to be safe when I was below 500 ilvl going through TOT.

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    Nillo, changed a few items around to go more haste but not sure if I'm under or over a balance for haste/mastery, I tried to use 150% mastery as a medium and see where haste would fit in...any thoughts? I need to enchant the 3 items I just added, which I'm doing now, other than that I am set for now on trying this setup.

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    You need to get a feeling of how much is working for you - I can't tell you that. I personally go for around 200% mastery buffed, but some have done it with only about half as much.

    Also why are you gemming parry? Either just ignore the socket bonus or go for expertise instead.
    Pally: Chiaki
    Dk: Telare
    Warrior: Irlida

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    It was honestly filler, I had the gems on my JC to throw in there to see how stats would look right away, rather use gems I have sitting in the bank than make new ones to experiment with, just wanted to see where I sat hitting socket bonuses on the new stuff before gemming straight haste or mastery. I should be close to 200% buffed as I really only lost about 14% mastery overall changing gear around.

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