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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Patch 2.2 was obviously the biggest. It gave us voice chat.
    I agree.

    Where would this game be without the in game voice chat? Blizzard got lucky implementing that one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garradorr View Post
    Cataclysm was not as big as you are giving it credit for being, it had alot sure but alot was rehashed slightly changed stuff.
    Have you leveled through the zones? Very few areas were "rehashed slightly". The majority was completely new content. I'm not sure you understand what rehashed means.

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    It's a big patch.

    Biggest patch discussions just tend to turn into "favorite expansion VS 4.0" discussions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Well, you didn't have to pay for the Azeroth changes so I guess you could consider it separate from the expansion content.
    That's like saying that Pandarens aren't part of the MoP expansion, cause iirc you don't need MoP to play as them. It was an expansion feature no doubt.

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    There must be more because there are still unanswered questions, like what's up with the new island and how will we get mogu runes( scenario like the last time?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterOfKnees View Post
    That's like saying that Pandarens aren't part of the MoP expansion, cause iirc you don't need MoP to play as them. It was an expansion feature no doubt.
    You are correct, MoP is not required to make a Pandaren. But this is true for all expansion races. Patch 5.0.4 allowed all races to be available regardless of expansion licenses (-Pandaren until MoP launch). I imagine this change was for people on trial accounts.
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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    ´So.. sorry to bring this up know that .."thing" (Med'an).. is that "thing" cannon still? much have some have wished otherwise, yes. (Loreology)

    RPG is non-canon by default. (MickyNeilson)

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    Patch 5.4 certainly is the MOST important one since launch, along with patch 3.3.

    Patch 3.3 brought the new cross server dungeon play which was important to group up fast in old dungeons to level and play.

    In one blow WoW revitalised 100 old dungeons back in Dec 2009 ...

    Patch 5.4 is still more important because it will regroup players from different servers to play together, trade together, fight together and have common guild play, in a new structured virtual realm play allowing open world play with an awesome number of players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JudgePayne View Post
    Did we play the same event, World pvp - Amazing multi chain quest with never before seen bosses that took you all over azeroth - two new raids with all new bosses and mechanics.

    World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.9.0

    The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj world event.
    The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (outdoor 20-player instance)
    The Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (indoor 40-player instance)
    New Tier2 Epic Armor Models
    Linked Auction Houses <- This happened
    Multiple Battlegrounds Queues<-Pvpers loved this
    Raid Dungeons Timers (Forum Post)
    Timbermaw Hold Quests Revamp
    Shard Bags - Confirmed in the 1.9 patch notes
    Food Buffs no longer stack

    Troll Berserking

    New functionality: Berserking is now an activated ability that increases your melee, ranged, and casting speed by 10% to 30%. The value scales upwards towards 30% depending how low your health is when you activate the ability.
    I was there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
    No, those were expansion features.. They are just added in advance to get the systems loaded in, it doesn't count as a patch before it IS the jump between 3.x-4.x,
    god I hate it when people bring up technicalities so aggressively.
    ah, the irony...

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    I'm looking forward to 5.4 so far!

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    Really looking forward to it!

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    If its not The biggest it certainly is going to be ranking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enchanted View Post
    Just to compare in 5.4 we have:

    - A 14 Boss raid
    - Proving Grounds
    - Arena system revamp
    - Virtual Realms
    - Flex raiding (A new difficulty)
    - Timeless Isle (Not sure what it will be for yet but definitely for legendary)
    - Legendary continuation
    - Enchantment changes (Scales with levels)
    - Major class changes
    - It is speculated that blizz is experimenting with adding more class specific quests like warlock has green fire etc
    Totaling us: 9 (Disregarding the speculation) and as yours it would give us 8 (Joining the 2 instances and ignoring tier 2 models since its something normal to include models for tier sets)

    But to be fair, lets wait and see when it's fully finished and find out how it will turn out as so far it is the biggest WoW patch imo.
    Timeless Isle is like a much better version of the Isle of Thunder.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Timeless Isle is like a much better version of the Isle of Thunder.
    Isle of Thunder + Battlefield Barrens.

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