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    Engi money making

    Anyway to make gold with Engi decently?

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    most money will be made with pets and mounts i guess

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    i've got a couple buyers lined up to buy the skyclaw mount when i get enough on my engis to make it, easyyyyy money.

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    farm ore, wait for 5.4, build a bad ass robot, sell it, there is your money

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    scopes and cogwheels sell quite well for alts due to ghost iron dragonlings.

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    Cogwheels and pets is where the gold is at. I only craft scopes on demand. I suspect there will be some nice gold in the skyclaw next patch, atleast initially.

    I guess is all comes down to the usual factors tho; your server, your competition, how expensive the ghost iron ore is etc etc.

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    Mounts, pets, scopes, and the trinket all sell. Check your server prices on the Undermine Journal to get a feel for what will be profitable for you.

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    Whatever you do, don't try to make any rocket mounts... they do not sell, even at the lowest prices.

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    There are also a couple of quests scattered around that require engineering items. Don't remember if the items are by themselves or required by another profession to build something.

    For instance how the old un'goro quest for A-Me required a Mithril Casing (quest was removed). Usually when doing these quests (for loremaster) players won't be able to find these things on the AH and would be willing to spend a few hundred gold just to get it done. Fill that demand and you can make some nice gold.

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    Mining/Engineering is the way to go for sure. I would not spend money on the engineering mounts but rather the other essential parts of making gold as an engineerer.

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    Part to make Jeeves are selling good for me, everyone still makes Jeeves and buy the parts to save them time farming the schematics for the parts in northrend

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    Cogwheels, dragonlings, pets and the mounts. You would be suprised at how many people don't want to craft that flying mount and will purchase it. When I played with eng a bit I used to sell tons of those flying mounts, would cost me next to nothing and I would make like a 60% profit from it. Crazy stuff.

    As others have said, there will be a new mount coming in 5.4, this will be HUGE for gold-making with engineering. Try to save up some living steel (will take 30 to make) because when 5.4 hits the price of living steel will SKY ROCKET! I don't even have eng and I will be purchasing a bunch of living steel for the upcoming patch.
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