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Thread: Wrathion

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    Alright if nobody else is going to make a thread then I'll do it I keep reading even on the official forums that you guys really do think Wrathion is eventually going to turn on us / be a raid boss hahaha cmon so a simple question here

    Do you think hes going to be go evil on us? I mean really the guy is a little kid doing a child tantrum at times aka the epilogue of MoP

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    The guy who is gearing us up so we can fight on equal footing?
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    To many threads for the Black Prince.
    For the Horde!

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    No, i just believe that he has a very narrow perspective, and he might throw more then a few bump at us.

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    He's two, tantrums are to be expected no matter how much of a badass dragon he thinks he is. As for his knack for manipulating people, I don't see that as justification enough to jump straight to evil category.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Klaxxar View Post
    To many threads for the Black Prince.
    more will come

    ot yapp he will slaughter us! and laugh at our Deaths!

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    Hes is an incompentent child and an arrogant fool who thinks his plans must and will always happen they way he wants them to. I seriously doubt that and infant could be capable of becoming "evil" on the same level of insidousness as Garrosh or Slyvanus.

    PS, everyone who voted yes to the poll ought to get force fed down throat of said dragon. Wrathion is simply a major supporting character but is not in any way super critical to the story.

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    The reason no one else is making a thread is because there are plenty of them already floating around. Stop shit posting to bring up your post count

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apathy - View Post
    Alright if nobody else is going to make a thread
    Do you NOT read MMO-Champ? 20k posts and you don't know how to use a search feature...

    If "Child Trantrum" is what you took away from the epilogue, you sure have a long way of understanding to go.

    Wrathion was backing both sides, as part of the Legendary quest chain. As soon as Garrosh started creating his "true horde", Wrathion lost interest and fully backed the Alliance. Varian Wrynn would be the one that could both defeat the horde and make the global front a united one, granted he would need to wipe out the remaining horde that wouldn't join forces. After the decimation of the horde, the world of Azeroth would be a united front against the threat to come.

    Amazing plan? Yes. Sinister and twisted logic? Yes. Am I agreeing with him? No.

    The Horde and Alliance has been ruining his plans every step of the way. He's Narrow minded? No, the Alliance and Horde are ridiculously narrow minded. They fight over land, their new battles are fueled from the flames of battles of the past. What have they learned this entire time? The other guy is the enemy. Wrathion seeks to unite Azeroth, one way or another. That dragon-man is anything BUT narrow minded.

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    I'm closing this thread on request.

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